Fate of SHIELD: Part 7 - The Armory

SHIELD has a fairly extensive collection of weaponry and ammunition, but not every item is available to every team at every moment.  Being the base of operations for the CANWEST response team, The Observatory stocks more than the standard compliment of arms.

Beyond the compliment of drones Zorya controls, the base boasts two other forms of automated defense.  First is a series of motion tracking guns at the entrance to the bunker.  The second is a set of blast doors scattered about the bunker, able to seal airtight at either Zorya's directive or on a dead switch.

The base's armory is centrally located between the three spokes of barracks (one ending with a hangar, a second with a lab, and third with the main entrance).  Should it be sealed, it would curtail movement through The Observatory significantly.

There is a 8-person compliment of assault rifles with according ammunition, three sniper rifles with several forms of ammunition (including explosive rounds). There are two-dozen assorted handguns and agents often bring their own sidearms when assigned to The Observatory. There are a similar number of combat knives kept in stock.  Zorya specially safeguards four specific singular weapons.  First is a SAM missle launcher, second is a repulsar rifle brought by Agent Stevenson, third is a vibranium sword, and fourth is a gatling gun.  Zorya jealously guards these items and only allows their use on mission with directive from Agent Stevenson or above.

For their most recent mission, CANWEST has been provided a compliment of 12 ICE-ers.  These items are currently all assigned to agents and are not present in the armory.

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