Fate of SHIELD: Episode 3 notes

I thought the session went well.  Again, the villains didn't quite play out like I had planned.  Jason just wasn't strong enough to handle the team on his own and Freddy appeared too late.  The Kraken and Otis did fairly well, but only because they got into one-on-one fights, which won't always happen.

The team did a good job keeping up with Arcade's barbs and catching the hints I was dropping as him.  I was particularly glad no one meta-gamed the Coulson jab, but am also glad that's out there now, so they may start trying to find out about it.  On the show, there was about 6 months between season 1 and season 2, and I'm picturing most of this team's adventures are probably happening in that six months.

Lacey and Flynn were brought over from our Camp Grizzly game, to fulfill a promise to one of the players, nod to it being the Halloween session, and tweak the GM from that game.  Watching the reactions to them (and the distrust) was pretty fun and should be good again this week.

It'll be nice to get Savage and Gott back this week and that should help balance out against what I have coming.

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