Fate of SHIELD: Episode 4 - Foom

Previously on Fate of SHIELD: Arcade kidnapped the team and took them to Murderworld! They managed to defeat his first set of movie monster robots, based on Freddie, Jason, Otis, and the Kraken from Lord of the Rings, but they were running out of Dendrotoxin to keep Wendigo at bay and they'd found two teens kidnapped by Arcade to make things "more interesting"...

The team, having taken a couple hours to rest and regroup, headed down to the lake.  Using the canoe on which they found Flynn, they crossed the lake and entered a river the lead deeper into Arcade's artificial forest.

After a few minutes of concerted rowing, the team reached a mountain with too steep a grade to continue on by river.  There was, however a cave leading into it.  Landing their canoe, the team started searching the area.

Lacey, Richards, and the heavily injured Stalson stuck to the open areas, but Flynn and Rennaker headed into the woods.  The teen, true to obnoxious form, demanded Rennaker arm him and questioned her leadership and her interest in protecting others when she did not immediately give in.

Richards, getting nearer the cave, spotted a prone figure in front of it.  He hurried closer, watching cautiously for traps, and discovered it was Agent Savage.  He managed to carry the Iced agent back to Stalson and Lacey.

Meanwhile, Flynn had returned, having abandoned Rennaker.  After a discussion with Stalson, the agent armed Flynn, who stashed the gun he'd received.  In the woods, Rennaker ran up against a wall of trees, clearly being forced back to the group by Arcade.

As Savage woke, Richards and Stalson tested him, confirming he was a human and not another of the mad assassin's robots.  Lacey spotted a light in the cave, but it was distant and the was waiting fot Rennaker before moving out.  The senior agent arrived back not too much later and Savage recounted being seperated from Gott and being taken away.  As the story wrapped up, Lacey pointed out that the light had moved closer, and it sounded like something was breathing to make it happen.

Richards had a spark of memory over a recent summer blockbuster about a dragon named Fin Fang Foom, and sure enough the titular dragon emerged from the cave.  The gargauntan automotan tried to catch Richards, who ducked out of the way.  The team quickly began attacking it, but couldn't make a dent as Foom ducked down to scoop up Rennaker.  Savage and Stalson laid suppressing fire into the dragon, who was ranting about how the team would fail to stop him.  Meanwhile, Richards, Lacey, and Flynn darted behind Foom into the cave.  There, Richards noticed a small, exposed section of metal on the automaton's back.

Richards began scrambling up the back of the dragon and the sharp-eyed Stalson fired into the eyes of the monster to keep it distracted.  Savage and Rennaker managed to get the senior agent free and she dropped free of the dragon as Savage swung himself up to help Richards.  Richards reached the panel but couldn't get it open, which wasn't a problem for Savage, who kicked it open.  Flynn and Lacey retreated further into the cave as Richards began using the terminal he'd found to get into the robot's systems.

Foom grabbed at Rennaker, but it was too late; Richards hit a final button and Fin Fang Foom was shut down.  Stalson raved about how amazing Richards was while the rest of the team gathered themselves.  After a few moments of recovery, and the teens not returning, the team moved into the cave.

They came to a T-section with no obvious hints as to which way the kids had gone so the team split with Savage and Rennaker going to the right and Richards and Stalson going to the left.  Richards and Stalson eventually came upon a castle courtyard with no one apparently in it and a drop off so that if they went down, they couldn't come back up.  On the other end of the T-section, Savage and Rennaker found Flynn and Lacey sitting at the edge of a drop down into a set of city streets filled with shambling figures.

Richards and Stalson doubled back and joined them and team dropped down into the zombie infested city.  They moved slowly at first, dodging around packs of the walking dead, but eventually the zombies caught on and they began to chase the team.  Between fires, zombies, and rubble, they were herded to a dead end near a large office building with a single light on inside.

The zombies finally caught the team and tried to pull Rennaker and Lacey under.  Rennaker managed to fight them off of herself and Savage and Stalson got Flynn an opening to put several zombies down and save Lacey.  Richards, meanwhile, went inside to investigate and was confronted by Arcade.  The mad assassin offered Richards a job, but the SHIELD agent refused.  Arcade further threatened the team while taunting Richards with an exit nearby.

Unfortunately for Arcade, Richards had had enough and allowed himself to transform into Wendigo with a timed release on more dendrotoxin.  The Wendigo crushed Arcade, who turned out to be a robot decoy and started out towards the SHIELD team, but the new dose of dendrotoxin kicked in just in time, putting Richards down for the count.  The team headed to the surface, dropped Flynn and Lacey off at home, and finally made their way back to The Observatory.

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