Alchos Ohme

As an Air Genasi, Alchos is slim and muscular, his body reflecting his element.  His hair is white with a blue streak down the right side (over his right eye).  His hair is cut short on the sides, but drawn back into a shoulder-length tail on the top. It is constantly tousled and in motion.  His face is thin and angular.  His skin is a pale blue and he has lines of darker blue running down his face, over his neck and chest, and out to his limbs, echoing a bolt of lightning.

 He wears dark colored leathers, made of up of a series of midnight blues and purples.  The armor has many layers, with overlapping sections at his waist, shoulders, elbows, and wrists.  Depending on situation, he can appear to have a tank-top-style shirt, with shoulders and upper arms exposed.  He often covers this lowest layer with a white tunic.  Often, he wears spaulders that also cover his upper arms.  These other layers are often layered beneath a leather jacket.  He has a deep hood that attaches to his various armors via snaps.  He carries a rapier on his left hip, a shortsword on his right hip, and two daggers at the small of his back.

Alchos regularly wears a smirk or smile.  He often hides directly in plain site, using his his abilities as a people person to blend into crowds, join parties, and position living obstacles in front of pursuers.  He moves with a definite swagger, bordering on arrogance, but he genuinely cares for people, especially the other Genasi in the community of his birth.

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Commissioned from Ioana Muresan.

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Official art via KedasDnD