Wrak quick hit description

Trying to quickly sum up Wrak's appearance so that I can share it easily from memory.  The goal is to get each set of relevant details boiled down to a sentence or two that is easy for me to recall quickly so I can incorporate it into descriptions of actions, or in my visualization of scenes.

  • Wrak is 6'8", tall even for a Dragonborn, but only weighs 270lbs, making him lean despite his strength.
  • His scales are the color of aged silver, not shiny and reflective, but definitely metallic.
  • Like his draconic ancestors, Wrak bears a bullet-shaped snout, the upper half of which ends in an beak.  Small, almost goatee-like, fins jut from the very tip.
  • Wrak's "hair" (aka dragonborn head tentacles) is shaped like a mohawk down the center of his head from brow to the base of his skull.
  • Wrak wears two leather pauldrons strapped to a bandoleer style sword belt across his chest.  The right-hand pauldron displays his tribe and clan crests and is lined with polar animal fur.
  • The Rimebite Tribe's crest is a beaked dragonskull.
  • The Odeyar Clan's crest is a slightly-curved longsword and spear crossed, points down.
  • Wrak wears a black leather kilt with a number of pouches and pockets.
  • Wrak goes barefoot out of choice, especially in warmer climates.
  • The weapons Wrak carries match the weapons from the Odeyar crest.