Alchos' Magic Item Wish List

ANIMATED SHIELD Armor (shield), very rare (requires attunement) While holding this shield, you can speak its command word as a bonus action to cause it to animate. The shield leaps into the air and hovers in your space to protect you as if you were wielding it, leaving your hands free. The shield remains animated for 1 minute, until you use a bonus action to end this effect, or until you are incapacitated or die, at which point the shield falls to the ground or into your hand if you have one free.

GOGGLES OF NIGHT Wondrous item, uncommon While wearing these dark lenses, you have darkvision out to a range of 60 feet. If you already have darkvision. wearing the goggles increases its range by 60 feet.

NECKLACE OF ADAPTATION Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement) While wearing this necklace, you can breathe normally in any environment, and you have advantage on saving throws made against harmful gases and vapors (such as cloudkill and stinking cloud effects, inhaled poisons, and the breath weapons of some dragons).

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DRIFTGLOBE Wondrous item, uncommon This small sphere of thick glass weighs 1 pound. If you are within 60 feet of it, you can speak its command word and cause it to emanate the light or daylight spell. Once used, the daylight effect can't be used again until the next dawn. You can speak another command word as an action to make the illuminated globe rise into the air and float no more than 5 feet off the ground. The globe hovers in this way until you or another creature grasps it. If you move more than 60 feet from the hovering globe, it follows you until it is within 60 feet of you. It takes the shortest route to do so. If prevented from moving, the globe sinks gently to the ground and becomes inactive, and its light winks out.

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Belt of Many Pouches (maybe like HEWARD'S HANDY HAVERSACK?)
XP Value: 1,000 GP Value: 10,000
This broad waist-belt seems to be nothing more
than a finely made article of clothing. However, if
detect magic is cast, the item radiates strong
enchantment along with a fainter aura of alteration.
Examination reveals that the girdle has
eight small pouches on its inner front surface. In
fact, there is a total of 64 magical pouches in the
girdle, eight others "behind" each of the eight
apparent ones. Each of these pouches is similar to
a miniature bag of holding, able to contain up to 1
cubic foot of material weighing as much as 10
pounds. The girdle responds to the thoughts of its
wearer by providing a full or an empty pouch, as
needed. This item is greatly prized by Spellcasters,
for it can hold components for many spells
and make them readily available.

Ring of Coolness
XP Value: 1,000 GP Value: 5,000
This green jade ring is similar in function to the
ring of warmth, except that it protects against the
heat of the desert sun. It protects its wearer from
the effects of heat, even when fully exposed to the
sun and wearing heavy armor. It provides restoration
of heat-sustained damage at the rate of 1
point of damage per turn. It also increases saving
throws vs. heat-based attacks by +2, and reduces
damage sustained by -1 per die.

Ring of Distraction
XP Value
Normal: 1,000
Rare: 1,500
Cursed: —
GP Value
DRAGON Magazine 117
This ring seems to be a normal ring. In combat, it
is capable of generating a sudden burst of light
and sound that is perceived only by one opponent
in melee with the ring wearer (including those
firing or hurling missile weapons within a 60-
foot range). The burst of light and sound is heard
by no one else, and the target victim is designated
by the ring wearer's mental commands. This distraction
causes the attacker to suffer a -4 penalty
on all attacks for the current round. If the opponent
saves vs. spell, the penalty is reduced to a -2
to the attack roll. This attack is made at the start
of a melee round, regardless of all other circumstances,
as it is a mental command. The ring may
be used in this fashion up to five times per day.
Once placed on a finger, the ring reveals its powers
to its wearer.


Alchos: Flashes

Alchos hit the deck with a thud.  The Kuo-Toa behind him made frustrated noises, but he ignored them. The sea-borne monstrosity ahead of him was all he needed to pay attention to at the moment.  He pushed forward, dodging around Dragonborn, Goliaths, and Kuo-Toa locked in mortal combat.  One Dragonborn yelled in rage and shoved a Kuo-Toa overboard.  He brandished his scimitars, plotting a path first towards and then away from the possessed creature in hopes of luring it back to his friends.

He wasn’t prepared for how quickly it lurched forward, though.  It closed and he brought his mainhand blade up, trying to parry.  Everything went dark.

Fire raced up Alchos’ arms.  Ice pierced his heart.  Wind whipped him about and his feet felt like the stones in the ground.

He shook his head.

His mother stood beside him, smiling. Unbidden, Alchos recited, “She is steadfast and strong. Patient and careful.”

His father stroked his hair where it rested on the elder Genasi’s lap.  Ventos was staring at something Alchos couldn’t see.  “He is carefree and light.  Kind and nimble.”

Torontris sat before him.  The guardsman was cleaning his armor, oiling the leather and wiping away grime.  “He is flexible and forceful.  Wise and daring.”

Car’onna descended away from him. Her hair flashed and danced as if caught by he breeze.  “She is fierce and swift.  Passionate and determined.”

A face he didn’t recognize floated before him.  Purple skin and hair the color of lightning.  “Untamed and vibrant.  Energetic and decisive.”

Suddenly someone, upside down, peered over his shoulder.  Pale, almost translucent skin beneath crystalline hair.  “Logical and calm...”

Another face.  Black and red chasing each other.  Another.  Gray hair and ashy skin.  Faster.  Sea-green skin and blue hair.  Another. And another.  Faster.  Faster.  A beautiful Genasi with hair of fire, skin like the soil of the earth.  Her eyes roiled like storms.

Sareth running along the trunk of a tree, arrows flying true.

Sol sneaking through the dark, swords held ready.

Bob smiling widely, eyes flashing bright.

Mila striding forward swiftly, hands raised as power coalesced around them.

Baergor standing in place, hammer extended to the skies.

Ardent laughing and dancing, song seeming to spin into existence from nowhere.

Darius.  Malachae.  Alice.  Sasha.  Hope.  Lerna.  Ahlai.  Timmy.  Warda.  Emyrelia.  Senira.  Tamanir.

I have to defend them.  Give my life for theirs.

A maw, dripping sea water and smelling of rot opened above him.  Something slammed into his chest.  A thump.  Rushing.

A voice somewhat indistinct called, “Alchos... you back with us, buddy?”

“I think I passed out for a second there.”

The coral drake roared and lashed out.  Sol and Baergor fell, only feet away from Alchos.  Gritting his teeth he rose. Szulder flashed along his skin and light filled his eyes.  Yelling, he re-entered the fight.



"I insist, go home, Lindara.  I have run this shop for as long as you've been alive, I am perfectly capable of closing it for the night," said Car'onna sternly, but not without affection.  She smiled and the fading sunlight coming through rose colored windows played along her face.  Lindara struggled with her response, wanting to impress her employer but thankful for the chance to go home.  Car'onna arched an eyebrow and the Elven woman nodded quickly.

As Car'onna drifted about the room, straightening, organizing, and dusting, Lindara collected her things from the back room and slipped out the door with a breathy farewell.  For another half hour, the day wound down until the sun was almost gone and Car'onna spoke the word to activate the driftglobes scattered around the shop.  Three men filtered through the door.

Car'onna smiled broadly and greeted them, "Welcome to The Joyous Path.  I take it you need travel supplies, gentlemen?"

The Human in the lead grinned and moved towards her as his companions, an Earth Soul Genasi and a Halfling, shared a grin and a chuckle.  The Genasi closed the door heavily and turned the lock.  Car'onna tsked.

Circling the counter, back to where she kept the locked chest of coin, Car'onna began speaking softly, "I have been a successful business woman in this country for twenty years; before that, I was apprenticed to my mother for a further ten years.  In that time, I have led trade caravans to the neighboring countries, organized city-wide festivals, and dealt with any number of opportunistic cads who thought they could rob me because I am a woman.  Is it really your belief that in that time, I never learned to defend myself?"

From beneath the counter she withdrew a long, wickedly curved blade.  Momentarily, she held it in front of her face, then extended it using her right arm, pointing it at the Human thief.  He stopped moving.

"C'mon, boss," said the Genasi, "She's alone, she can't take all of us."

The Halfling, seemingly less convinced, replied, "Just grab the stuff and we'll run!"

Car'onna smiled. "Yes, boss, just grab it.  There's three of you.  I can't strike all of you at once."

She slid back around the counter, slowly closing the gap between her blade and the human.  He stepped back a pace.  Faintly, her szuldar began to glow, fiery red.  The light touched at her green eyes, making them appear to flicker.  Her arm, like iron, kept the blade pointed.

The human dropped back another pace. "Boys..."

Car'onna echoed, mirth in her voice, "Boys..."

All three dropped back now, the Genasi fumbling with the lock on the door.  The Halfling made a nervous keening sound.  Car'onna hissed, "Dur," and the driftglobes snuffed out, leaving her szuldar and the streetlights filtering through rose colored windows as the only light in the room.  She took a purposeful stride forward, sword arm flexing backwards and the three men ran, sprinting into the night.

Car'onna afforded herself a laugh as she crossed to the door.  She threw the bolt and spoke the keyword to relight the driftglobes.  To herself, she whispered, "Ah well, I suppose I shall have to alert the guards.  They'll want to stop those three before they find someone less prepared."

She crossed back to the counter, replaced her father's sword, and drew out a quill and paper, writing descriptions of the three men before she could forget..


Lerna Shenre and Melechae Kerechor

Lerna is a senior officer within the Odess Intelligence Service and Alchos' mentor.  She is a dark skinned Humawoman of athletic build.  She keeps her dark hair fairly short.

Lerna favors loose fitting, light colored clothing.  She will adjust to the mission she is on, but her specialty is in urban infiltration and she often hides herself in plain sight.

Lerna is calm and smart, with eyes that are highly expressive, pinning foes to the wall and welcoming friends to a cozy home.  She carries herself with confidence and a hint of swagger.

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Melechae is Alchos' trainee within the Odess Intelligence Service.  His skin is a dark purple with blue and white marbling in various places.  He is lean and athletic, not unlike Alchos, but has not finished fully developing into his body, as he's still in his mid-to-late-teens.

His hair is tied up and back in dreadlocks, with shaved sides beneath horns that start at his temples and run almost straight backwards while twisting slightly.  He dresses similarly to Alchos, though eschews a cloak and generally wears black where Alchos wears other colors.

He carries himself with teenage bravado, but has begun to affect a more serious, calm demeanor when on missions.  Off duty, he is friendly with those he knows well, but keeps his distance with new folks.

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Arla Vanthessa

Arla is a Human Druid from Odess who has dedicated herself to balance.  She worships Jaraye as a goddess of transition.  She dresses and portrays herself as a travelling merchant's shopgirl in order to gain access areas and regions she might be held out of.

Arla has shoulder-length red-brown hair, which she keeps pinned back but only braids it loosely in several braids.  She has olive skin and freckles across her nose and cheeks.  Her eyes are brown.  She is fit but not overly large or muscular.

Arla is serious, but not reserved.  She is young for her role and her abilities, which makes her prone to outbursts of emotion at times, though she works towards an archdruid's neutral grace.

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Free Cathia

When Simierlan led their campaign against the government of Cathia, it was actually a rebellion against an occupying government from across the sea.  The capital city that Simierlan sieged and took was the occupying force's regional seat of Qadia's government.  In the time since, Simierlan's followers have been able to take back most of the center country of Cathia, but some of the occupying force remains at the borders.

Free Cathia has no port access, which has limited the country's ability to trade, seek help, or expand their conflict against Qadia controlled Cathia.  The border with Odess is still mostly controlled by the occupying force, but that control thins in the north, near the Everglade.  Some intrepid adventurers have set out to cross in the Everglade and seek help from Odess and other kingdoms.

The stalemate between Cathia and Qadia holds because Qadia struggles to reinforce quickly across the ocean but Cathia cannot protect all of its territory while pushing onto new fronts.  It will take the intervention of another power or a significant build up of Qadian forces to settle the dispute.

A special title has been given to Cathian soldiers who have taken up the task of breaking the Qadian blockade to reach other nations.  They are known as Dawnbringers, and generally operate alone or in small groups in order to slip past Qadian forces.  The vast majority of these Dawnbringers are set to approach Odess, though few have made it that far at the current time.

The average citizen of Cathia is a farmer and lives a rural life.  Qadian forces eliminated a number of roving bands of Goblins, Gnolls, and Orcs, so animals and creatures from the Everglade are more feared than any one race.

There is a sightly higher concentration of Aasimar in Cathia, due to the country's association with Simierlan, Jaryae, and Vayr.  Aasimar are not common, by any means, but a number occupy positions of importance within the Cathian government and military.

The Cathian military leans towards infantry, though they do maintain a small horse cavalry force.  In general, they organize their units into 10, 100, and 1000 person units.  However, they employ a number of smaller guerrilla units which operate in disputed areas and do not tend towards any organized unit size.

The government of Free Cathia is a theocratic democracy.  Elected officials are expected to serve as spiritual guides for their fellow Cathians, reflecting the ideals of Simierlan.  Any citizen of Free Cathia is eligible to vote and towns vote for local councils, local councils vote for district councils, and district councils vote for national councils. No one ruler leads the council, both so that no single figure could be captured or ransomed and so that council actions are as egalitarian as possible.


Dawnbreaker Veyara Eloh

Veyara is a Aasimar Paladin of Simerlan. Her rank within that order is Dawnbreaker and she is driven into the underdark by visions from her deity, who warns that a terrible darkness is rising underground.

As an Aasimar, Veyara has several traits which reflect her divine parentage, including faintly golden skin and hair.  Her eyes are the color of topaz and glow with an intensity equal to the intensity of her mood.  Veyara's hair is cut close to her scalp on the sides and the top is worn in a long braid that reaches between her shoulder blades, though she often wears it forward over her left shoulder.  When her divine heritage shines through, Veyara can summon glowing wings of light of the same color as her eyes.

Her armor is the color of copper and has a golden sun and silver moon chasing each other over the sternum.  The pauldrons of her armor are rounded with a light wing motif etched into them.  Her breastplate is wider at the top than at the waist, but not enough to have a full hourglass shape.  She wears long tassets with joints; these reach her knees.  Her greaves, sabatons, and cuisse are less remarkable, but matches the armor of her upperbody.  She carries a magic sword, coincidentally named Moonrise.  Moonrise's light is similar to moonlight, but when Veyara's wings are visible, it takes on a faintly neon blue tinge.

Brave and determined, Veyara often wears a peaceful, confident smile.  She is fit and strong, but not bulky.

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