Camp Fate-zzly Part 1

A few weeks ago, one of our regular players decided he wanted to run a Fate session based on the board game Camp Grizzly (itself based on 80's horror movies).  We pretty quickly made characters along that theme and jumped in.  This should be a two or three part recap of the play.  Because the game leans on horror movie tropes, it gets pretty gory at some points and there are adult situations, so be warned.

I played Flynn Kaden, Mosh Pit Skacker.  Despite all his bravado, he secretly Wanted To Be A Better Guy.  His other starting aspects were Rude And Crude and Secretly Smart.  Joining Flynn as new counselors at Camp Grizzly were Roger, the outdoorsman; Lacy, nerdy sister of Camp Grizzly's Tracey; and Bubba the Lady, new handyperson at the camp.  The cast of the board game were represented as NPCs.

The game began with the kids (and Bubba the Lady) hopping on a bus up to the camp, where they'd take roles as counselors.  At a gas stop, Roger and Flynn, who had already become somewhat antagonistic towards one another, got off the bus to stretch.  Bubba the Lady went inside the small diner and got some pie while hitting on a waitress and patron.

Lacey was content to stay on the bus until Flynn tapped on her window and began to pester her into coming out.  Eventually she did, just to see what the slacker wanted so badly.  It turned out, of course, that he mostly wanted to see if he could get her off the bus.  Around that time, an old man drove by yelling at them that there was a madman at the camp, who'd kill them all.  The kids shrugged him off and were back on the bus in short order.

They arrived at the camp and met CJ, who led them down to meet with Head Counselor Morris.  He introduced them to the other present counselors and assigned them tasks, including which campers in their cabins to watch out for.  Flynn, who'd already taken a dislike to Roger, purposefully chose the nature hike so that the hillbilly couldn't.  Lacey ended up doing arts and crafts and Roger was left with swimming.  Bubba the Lady was off to help get the camp buildings and generator squared away.

The more experienced counselors told the newcomers about tonight being the last night of freedom before the campers arrived, and began inviting them on the activities of the night during dinner.  Flynn ended up talking to Jason and Chet, who invited him on a panty raid over to the cheerleader camp.  Meanwhile, Roger chatted with CJ and Shelly and Lacy stared daggers at Kevin and her sister Tracey.

After a bit, Flynn offered to get Lacy a beer and she agreed; he also bragged about having a relationship with Tracey, which may or may not have been true.  Chet tried to move in on her as she got increasingly tipsy, but Flynn scared him off.  Lacy was greatful to him and seemed to have developed an infatuation from the fact that Flynn was paying attention to her.  Jason and Chet brought up the panty raid again and Roger overheard, managing to get himself invited.  He headed down to the docks early to wait for them, so that he wouldn't be left behind.

Flynn ultimately turned Jason and Chet down for the panty raid, which left them one person short of being able to fully man two canoes.  They ganged up on Roger, telling him none of the canoes would fit three and left him to struggle alone.  Ultimately, Roger had to turn back as Jason and Chet continued on their escapades.  He began plotting his revenge.

Meanwhile, Bubba was getting to know Electric Steve, who was equally interested in Bubba and getting a little high.  He showed Bubba the Lady back to a private area, where they got intimate.  Lacy and Flynn headed back to the cabins, and when they got to Lacy's she invited him inside.  In the terms of the game, they tempted fate then and Lacy changed her aspect from "Horny Virgin" to "Horny for Flynn."

Everyone fell asleep for the night and when the camp wake up call sounded early in the morning, the counselors tried to adjust to their new life.  For Flynn, this meant sneaking out of Lacy's cabin.  He managed to do it unseen, and everyone headed down to meet the campers as they arrived.  Flynn met Johnny, who had a reputation as a peeping tom, but pretty much immediately turned the little brat loose on the camp, far more interested in what he wanted to do than keeping the kids in line.  Almost everyone settled in or breakfast, except Johnny, who was already up to no good.

Lacy met Dawn, who tugged at the teen's heartstrings with her asthma and weakness.  As luck would have it, Dawn was on the nature hike with Flynn.  Flynn, whose urges to be a better guy were kicked into overdrive by his budding relationship with Lacy, ended up watching out for Dawn most of the trip, until Shelly came back and relieved him of that duty.  The group, minus Dawn and Shelly, made it back to camp with no major incidents.