Camp Fate-zzly Part 2

As Flynn returned to the camp, a chorus of screams rang out from the girls showers.  Several of the counselors ran to see what was happening, while Flynn beelined back to Lacy.  Flynn and Lacy discussed the idea of slipping off for a little alone time, and Flynn suggested a trip into the woods he'd just visited.  They made it out to a secluded spot and were ready to get more intimate when Morris' voice came over the PA demanding Flynn come to his office.  It turned out the screams had been from Johnny spying on the girls.  The pair briefly debated skipping out on the summons and leaving the camp, but Flynn's better urges won out and he headed back.

Lacy followed along, not wanting to be apart from Flynn but Morris was none too happy with Flynn, threatening the slacker with being sent away and bad reports relayed to his school and parents.  Flynn, growing increasingly angry at Morris, decided to lie and lie big.  He pointed out that Johnny had been off his watch since Flynn had been out on the nature hike.  He said outright that he hadn't told Johnny he could go off on his own and that he'd been focused on his other campers, which Lacy backed up on.  Morris decided to let Flynn off with a warning.

Morris explained that the counselors needed to secure the barn and that there were reports of a storm rolling in.  Beyond that, he mentioned that Shelly and Dawn still hadn't returned, nor had a few others that had gone out.  Morris intended to go out and get supplies for the storm and left Wes in charge.

It was lunch, so Flynn went to supervise while Lacy went to do her assigned task doing arts and crafts with the campers and making decorated pinecones.  Down at the lake, Roger was serving as lifeguard.  One of the campers, cruelly named Lunchbox, was pushed "accidentally" into the water by Kevin, who was showing off a bit in front of Tracey.  Roger jumped in and saved the chubby kid  Roger's list of people he didn't like was steadily growing.  Bubba the Lady met Steve's other lady-friend, Saffron and became fast friends with her, as well.

Once those tasks were complete, the counselors were assigned storm-prep tasks by Wes.  Roger and Tracey were to tie up the canoes, Chet and Jason were to supervise campers, Karen and Lacy were to secure the girls cabins, Kevin and Flynn were to check the boys cabins, and CJ and Bubba would lock up the sports equipment.  The others would help as needed and keep looking for the missing campers and Shelley.

Flynn and Lacy only finished a portion of their task, then made excuses to go and find one another.  They planned to find a place to be intimate, starting with the barn, which gave them both a bad feeling.  Eventually, they came up with the idea of asking Chet, whose family owned the camp, for the key to Morris' office.  After a little bribery and a bit more lying, they managed to snag the keys from Chet and made off to the office.

Bubba the Lady, in the meantime, had been helping CJ get the campers rounded up before heading down to get the equipment stowed.  She saw Herbert McSherbet, the camp's cook, being quite mean to the kids, including Lunchbox, who'd missed dinner.  The two began to argue and a full blown fight came close to breaking out, before Wes dragged Herbert off to Morris' office for some discipline.

Which meant, of course, that they walked in on Flynn and Lacy.  Herbert used the distraction to take off, as Wes tried to focus on the teens.  He stepped away to let them get themselves decent, and instead Flynn blocked the door and they continued.  Eventually they stopped and Wes had a chance to blow a gasket.  He walked them back to the kitchen, where Herbert had gotten involved in throwing away the kids' dessert.

Roger and Tracey took the arrival of more counselors as a chance to head down to the dock and tie up the canoes.  Jason and Chet had confided in him their plan to head back over to the girl's camp again and Roger was intent on getting his revenge.  He left one canoe free for them, with a little bit of sabotage.  In the meantime, Chet and Lunchbox went missing, leaving Jason to plan alone.

Tracey pulled Lacy aside and informed her twin that Flynn had never had a relationship with Tracey.  This enraged the nerdy teen, who planned to confront Flynn.  Bubba and CJ rather uneventfully cleaned up the sporting equipment as the storm began to roll in.  Angry at the management of the camp, and maybe trying to distract Lacy from her anger, Flynn began to put together a plan to steal Kevin's van and head back to town.

While making a last sweep, CJ and Bubba found blood and followed it to find Chet stabbed near the barn.  They hurried back to the dining hall to warn the others.  Roger checked the clubhouse quickly to see if Lunchbox was there, but he wasn't and the outdoorsman was ready to head back and check in.

In the dining hall, Herbert started to tell a horror story with the intent of scaring the kids.  Flynn, still annoyed, decided to flicker the lights to add to the effect, but when he flipped them, the power went out.  Flynn, was ready to use that as his cue to leave, but was convinced by Lacy to stay and look after the kids.  Wes decided to head out to fix it just as first Bubba and CJ, then Roger, got back with the bad news about Chet.

Meanwhile Roger formed a second search party with Bubba and Herbert to go out searching.  Roger found Karen where Lacy had left her and she returned safely to the dining hall.  The search party turned theur efforts to rescuing Lunchbox.  Tracey tried to continue her reconciliation with Lacy.

With the news of Chet's murder, Flynn returned to his idea of leaving.   He gathered Lacy, Kevin, and Tracey, organizing them to take a group of kids, head back to town, and send the police back.  The others agreed and gathered a large group of campers.  Lacy expressed concern about a lack of seatbelts in the van, but Flynn glibly replied "Don't worry about it, it's the 80's!"  She didn't think that was much of a justification, but was too concerned with leaving to argue much.

The van had sunk into the mud from the heavy rain, so the group planned to have Lacy drive while Kevin and Flynn pushed.  As they braced to push, Otis struck, dragging Kevin under the van and stabbing him.  At almost the same time Roger and Herbert arrived, having left Bubba to search for Steve and Saffron who'd gone off to get high.

The two extra men helped force Otis to retreat and the group went to a shed to try and find something to help the van out of the mud.  Roger and Herbert began to argue, which almost came to blows until Tracey, stamding by the window, was grabbed from outside by Otis.

Roger dove to try and save her, but was pushed away and left with a concussion.   Meanwhile, Bubba found Steve and Saffron.  The hippie girl was dead, causing much weeping by Bubba the Lady and Electric Steve.  They determined to honor her by stopping the murders.

Herbert, Flynn, and Roger rushed back to the van where Lacy was waiting with the kids.  Otis beat them there, though, throwing Tracey's head st the windshield of the van.  Their arrival and Flynn's bravado seemed to scare Otis away.  Quickly, the pushed planks under the vsn's wheels and pushed it out of the mud.  With Lacy at the wheel, they headed out.

Not too much later Bubba the Lady and Steve got back to the dining hall, informing CJ and the other surviving counselors that Saffron was dead.  The kids remaining began to cry in fear.  Steve wanted to abandon them with Bubba, but she refused and when he got hysterical knocked him out and hid him so she could protect them.

In the van, Lacy had gotten her group to the bridge away from camp, but the rushing river has knocked it out.  Roger spotted a narrow service road, so they turned down that with Lacy carefully navigating the dirt path.  That is, unitl a giant redwood blocked the path...