Fate of SHIELD: Part 6 - Roxxon

The activities of the Roxxon Corporation don't have the splashy headlines of Stark Industries, Hammer Technology or even SHIELD.  They have become quietly ubiquitous, though.  They are great proponents of the Keystone Pipeline and maintain logging camps throughout Canada and the United States.  Their agribusiness has focused heavily on GMO foods throughout Kansas and Nebraska.  Their technology department has been at the forefront of efforts to recreate past super solider programs for the US Armed Forces.  Their Chairman, Hugh Jones, moves with the most powerful politicians on the world stage.

Opponents of Roxxon can list a litany of offenses.  They claim much of Roxxon's logging occurs at the edges, and within, protected wildlife sanctuaries.  Roxxon has been accused of manipulating oil prices to increase their own profits, even as they accept sizable tax subsidies from several governments.  Others point out that former Roxxon executives serve on the FDA panels which oversaw the approval of Roxxon's GMO foods.  The Brand Corporation, Cybertek, and Metrobank have all been question for their ties to Roxxon, especially in the wake of explosions at several Cybertek facilities.

Recent reports out of Canada speak of a devastated logging camp torn to pieces by a mysterious figure.  While a few news organizations are claiming it is international terrorism, most have attributed the destruction to disgruntled eco-activists.

Part 6 - Roxxon
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