The Fate of SHIELD: Part 1 - The Observatory

Name: The Observatory
Issue/Aspect: A Remote SHIELD Facility, A View of the Stars

The Observatory
Located underneath Blaney Lake, about an hour from Vancouver, BC, the Observatory is patched into the University of British Columbia's liquid mirror telescope. The Observatory was originally built in the 80's as part of SHIELD's gradual adoption of Reagan's proposed "Star Wars" defense system. It was later used to watch for incoming dangerous objects, such as meteors, asteroids, and falling satellites. It has tracked SHIELD upper atmospheric missions over western North America and Russian test flights. The Observatory also serves as home base for SHIELD's CANWEST 6-member response team and has enough space to house up to three different response teams and science laboratories.

Name: Agent  Michael Stevenson
Issue/Aspect: Watching from the Sidelines, Agent of SHIELD, Balancing OPS and SCI

Michael Stevenson
Current head of The Observatory, chosen for past training completed with NASA, Agent Stevenson is a serious and taciturn individual.  Stevenson, oddly, does allow a great deal of freedom to the agents under his command, given their status as a tactical response team requiring agents to have already cleared level 6, barring special exceptions.  He is a combat expert, but his position as head of the facility often keeps him at the facility rather than in the field.  He has expressed no displeasure at this situation, but it is clear he feels he could be an asset in many of the situations CANWEST responds to.

Name: Zorya
High Concept: SHIELD AI of the Observatory
Trouble: Trapped in Cyberspace
Phase 1All That's Fit to Know
Great +4: Lore
Good +3: Investigate, Notice
I Can See You...: +2 to Notice anything within The Observatory
The Night's Mirror: +2 to Investigate any stellar activity
Physical Stress: -
Mental Stress: OO
Refresh: 2

Zorya has no physical body to speak of (unless you count the mainframes within The Observatory). Instead, she is present as the voice of a young woman with a very slight Russian accent. While there have been several information-gathering algorithms working in The Observatory's systems since as early as 1990, Zorya was installed not long after the Battle of New York. She bears clear relation to Tony Stark's JARVIS AI. She is somewhat less independent than JARVIS appears to be, instead staying very close to her directives to maintain The Observatory and assess all incoming stellar data. There are a few lines in her code which dub this main operating protocol for Zorya the "Utrennyaya Protocol."
Despite frequently trying to be upbeat, Zorya has a somewhat sarcastic personality, probably thanks to Stark. Rumors have circulated that Stark chose, before releasing Zorya to SHIELD, to give the bare bones version of the AI the Russian theme as a nod to Natasha Romanov. Whatever the case, Zorya is fiercely protective of The Observatory and the agents stationed there. She has a series of drones which can act as her manipulation apparatus within The Observatory, but which have a limited range in which she can maintain control outside of those premises. Zorya is also highly curious, keeping tabs on every bit of information that she can, which not all agents find pleasant.

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