Fate of SHIELD: Part 2 - The Mission

Part 1 - The Observatory


Agent Stevenson, Eyes Only
Intercepted radio transmissions from a Roxxon logging camp (52.287498, -122.301170), sir.  They speak of something that may be within our purview.  When the relief shift arrived to the camp they found a scene, as they described it, "out of a nightmare."  Bodies strewn about the camp, missing chunks of flesh.  Blood on every surface.  Most of the men fled immediately, those who stayed have not been heard from since.  A few reported that during their mad scramble they saw a figure, bone white and huge, but man-shaped.  They claimed it's eyes glowed in the darkness.  Beginning standard data retrieval and review process, with secondary protocols.  Beyond the standard intelligence gathering at the scene, I suggest trying to place an agent within Roxxon to see what they are withholding.  It is possible they have run afoul of an eco-terrorism group using this description as a cover.  I am forwarding the situation report to the other regional facilities.


Agent Stevenson, Eyes Only
The reports have recurred, sir.  San Jose Logging Company camp (52.187996, -122.226850).  The camp was torn apart.  The reports are even more intriguing than before.  Again they speak of a humanoid figure, larger than most men, bone white, with glowing eyes.  This time, there was a survivor, a trucker who had just pulled into the camp when the potential 0-8-4 struck.  He had heard of the Roxxon camp and immediately fled.  He claims the creature was screaming in an unearthly language as it struck.  There has been no identifiable exo-activity in the last month, so if this is an 0-8-4 of non-terrestrial origin, it has been in wait for some time.  It is more plausible that it is terrestrial.  I have attached a roster of appropriate local agents to begin tracking procedures.  Situation report forwarded.


Agent Stevenson, SHIELD Regional Commanders
Sirs, the situation has escalated.  The town of Clinton, BC has been attacked.  Local law is mobilizing heavily and there is talk of involving Canadian Armed Forces.  Our agents attempting to track this 0-8-4 have been unable to pin it down, it is outpacing our projected radius of its movement.  It seems likely that the city of Kamloomps may be attacked next, therefore it is advisable that CANWEST be deployed there in preparation.  I advise that at least one other response team be assembled.  Agents should be stationed at the towns of Ashcroft, Logan Lake, and Merritt, in case the 0-8-4 bypasses expected movement again.

Agent Stevenson, Eyes Only
Be advised, sir, that the other facilities in the region are reporting that they do not have the forces to spare between the search for Deathlok, activity at the Science and Technology Academy, and their own facility missions.  I've asked each to send at least two agents to us in hopes that we can put together a secondary response team and reinforce CANWEST.  It is unlikely that we will be able to place agents at every potentially endangered town.


Agent Stevenson, CANWEST Response Team, Response Team Bravo
The 0-8-4 has bypassed all expected targets.  It was spotted outside the town of Hope.  Several local farmers have gone missing.  This is a priority one order for all agents to redeploy.  CANWEST should report to Hope, Bravo to Agassiz.  SHIELD command notified.


Agent Stevenson, CANWEST Response Team, Response Team Bravo
The 0-8-4 appears to be headed to the Harrison Hot Springs Resort.  Pursue and engage.

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