Camp Fate-zzly Part 3

The group at the van (Roger, Herbert, Flynn, Lacy, and about eight campers, including Kimberly and Gary the DnD fan) climbed over the tree and started walking.  Not much firther down the path, they spotted a bear trap and Roger disarmed it so they cluld take it with them.

Back at camp, Bubba the Lasy started gathering the remaining counselors and campers for a daring plan to escape across the lake.  The assembled group headed down to the docks as the storm broke and set about unsecuring the canoes.  Nervous but determined, they set out across the lake.

As the path before them continued to narrow, Flynn's group grew increasingly nervous.  They felt like they were being stalked, perhaps by an actual cannibal named Shia LeBeouf.  They eventually happened upon a cabin with what looked like Morris' jeep parked nearby.  Roger silenced the others and snuck towards it, only to be shot at by an old man and then chased by an orange-haired hillbilly clown.  Flynn, Herbert, and Lacy began to skirt the edges of the cabin's clearing, to try and get to the truck.

Bubba the Lady's group made landfall and ran to a nearby dorm, only to find the door bashed in and the radio sputtering.  Bubba used it to try and call the police to come and save the kids, but couldn't be sure if she was getting through.  And it was only moments before Otis arrived and she rushed back out to face the bear-masked killer.

Back at the cabin, Flynn's group were almost to the truck when the kids made a little too much noise and the shotgun toting elder turned on them.  Herbert made a run for the road as Flynn charged the old coot and hit him with a crowbar that they'd had in the van.  In the intervening moments, the old man had already fired off a shot, which wounded Herbert.  The angry chef turned and joined Flynn in attacking the man shooting them as Lacy tried to keep the kids out of the line of fire.

They circled and missed one another a few times, but eventually Flynn's mouthiness distracted the old man long enough for Herbert to get a solid blow in.  The old man nearly shot Flynn a moment later, but the teen managed to dodge.  Out in the woods, Roger was having problems of his own, as the clown chasing him was firing arrow after arrow ever closer to the outdoorsman.  Roger began laying snares and other traps to slow the clown, who managed to dodge most of them, as well as the bear trap, before scrambling into the trees.  Having led the archer clown far enough away, Roger began doubling back to help the others.

Across the lake, Otis grabbed onto Bubba the Lady and began dragging her into the water.  Bubba was a mighty lady, though, and turned the tables, pushing Otis under the water as the kids watched on from the shore.  For a time, it looked like she might win out, but as they drifted further out into the lake, the fight with Otis and the press of the water overcame Bubba.  Using her last burst of strength to drag Otis down with her and save the kids, Bubba the Lady died in the lake.

At the cabin, Flynn put the old man down for good with a solid blow to the head.  Unnerved, he yelled for Lacy to start the jeep with the keys they'd kept since the night before.  She managed to and got the kids in, but before Herbert and Flynn could join them, an arrow popped one of the tires of the jeep and the kids scattered.  Lacy only managed to keep three of the girls and Gary from sprinting into the dark woods.

Trying to find shelter, the teens ran to the house.  Herbert pushed the door open and Flynn got the kids and Lacy inside and told them to duck.  Herbert began checking the other rooms as Lacy and Flynn spotted Roger coming in from the tree line, badly hurt by an arrow in his leg.  Before either could go to pull him in, the door on the other side of the house opened to reveal Dawn.  The asthmatic little girl rushed to Lacy, declaring "You're my new mommy!"

Herbert came across an old woman in the den, who almost immediately attacked him with an axe.  He struggled to stay ahead of her as she swung the blade at him, only just narrowly avoiding being disembowled.  Meanwhile, Dawn declared her hatred for Flynn and explained that her father was named Jeremy, the true name of Otis.

As Herbert managed to wrestle the axe from the old woman and kill her, Lacy left Flynn with Dawn momentarily to pull the struggling Roger into the safety of the house.  The outdoorsman paused a moment to scoop up the old man's fallen shotgun and its single round.  Reassembled the teens, and cook, headed upstairs to where Dawn claimed her room and her fathers were.

Herbert and Flynn kicked in the locked door of Otis' room and were treated to the grisly site of Shelly and Kevin's remains.  Flynn demanded that Lacy and the kids stay away, quickly closing the door as Herbert searched the room for weapons.  He found a large meathook, which he gave to Lacy after wiping it down and emerging from the room.  They opened the door to Dawn's room and used her blankets to make bindings for her.  Roger began carrying the girl, keeping the shotgun menacingly close, as they were all afraid Otis or the archer would return any time.

They descended and began edging towards the jeep, but the archer was waiting.  He shot Roger repeatedly, causing the teen to spasmodically pull the trigger of the shotgun, killing Dawn in turn.  Flynn used his imposing presence to scare the kids into running for the jeep and everyone but Flynn managed to get in.  And it was then that Otis arrived as the archer clown scrambled down from the roof and ran to a nearby shed.  On his way, he put another arrow into the jeep, blocking the door nearest Lacy from opening.  Herbert managed to get the jeep moving, though it was slow and awkward.

Otis continued to close in and Flynn still hadn't made it into the jeep.  With a gathered force of effort, he slung himself into the back, hefting the crowbar.  Otis closed quickly on the slow moving jeep, and began slashing at the kids.  Flynn swung his crowbar, missing, and Otis took the opening to haul him from the jeep.  Lacy screamed in horror for the boy she now called her boyfriend, but Herbert listened to Flynn and kept going.  Moments later, the clown archer burst from the shed and gave pursuit on an ATV.  Otis began dragging Flynn back to the house.

Sensing his end might be near, Flynn began using all his skills at word play to enrage Otis, first at the now-dead Roger and then at the archer who had inadvertently caused Dawn's death.  Flynn had hoped it might give him a moment to slip away, but Otis managed to cuff him to a radiator.  Otis mangled Roger's body and then returned to Flynn.  It looked for a moment that he might kill Flynn, and he did bring an axe down on Flynn's shoulder, but his rage at Dawn's death got the better of him and he went after the archer and the jeep.  Flynn quickly began trying to free himself.

The jeep broke down at a bridge a little ways away from the cabin.  The bridge itself seemed weak, so Herbert was quick to take the kids and get moving to the other side.  Gary was stuck, though, and Lacy had to pull him from the jeep, leaving them exposed as the archer arrived on his ATV.  With quick thinking, Lacy and Gary rolled under the jeep as the archer got off his ATV and hurried after Herbert and the girls.  They heard the girls and then Herbert scream and then all was quiet.

Lacy and Gary stealthily made it to the woods only moments before Otis arrived.  In his rage, he killed the archer and then mysteriously vanished.  Lacy convinced Gary to stay hidden and determined to go back for Flynn, despite Gary's assertions that the teen was probably dead.  Lacy managed to make a tense and quiet journey back through the woods without being caught by Otis.

Flynn, meanwhile, had engaged with another of Otis' returning children, Don.  Don was furious at his dead family and tried to throw knives at Flynn, narrowly missing.  Flynn, fueled by adrenaline, nearly pulled the radiator from the floor, but his injured shoulder gave out.  Just as Don was looming over Flynn, Lacy arrived and incapacitated the evil camper.  As she tried to break Flynn out of his handcuffs using the meat hook, Otis smashed through the window and almost grabbed Lacy.  She managed to scramble back and as Flynn swung wildly at Otis to fend him off, Lacy managed to get the other teen free.

Otis was at the doorway already, though.  Flynn rose and hissed for Lacy to run while putting himself between them.  Otis was nearly about to overpower Flynn when Lacy slashed him and gave Flynn an opening to shove Otis back outside.  Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, as Otis managed to scramble up, and put an axe blow into Flynn's chest.  The teen crumpled, gasping to Lacy that he loved her.  Things looked bleak for the girl until the sound of an ATV echoed through the clearing.  Gary arrived, hitting Otis with the vehicle.  He managed to get her on and they roared back to the bridge.

Unsure that the bridge could take the added weight of the ATV, they began to run across, but Otis had already caught up to them.  Lacy made it to the other side, but Gary turned and declared Otis "shall not pass!"  He jumped and the weight of the jeep, Otis, the archer, and Gary made the bridge collapse.  Gary made a desperate grab for Lacy's hand, but missed and he plummeted to the river below.  Moments later, the police arrived to find a sobbing Lacy.  Otis' body was never found...