Fate of SHIELD: Postmortem - Wendigo

Now that he's been taken down, I'm going to share my character sheet for Wendigo.

Wendigo (Paul Cartier)

High Concept: Cursed Beast-Man of the North
Trouble: The Hunger Never Ends
Other Aspects: Crushing Strength, A Frozen Heart, Kill Me And Take My Curse
Great: Physique
Good: Fight, Notice
Fair: Athletics, Lore, Provoke
Average: Burglary, Deceive, Investigate, Will
A Force of Nature: uses Physique instead of Athletics to defend against physical attacks.
Track By Scent: uses Notice to track, may track when there are no visible signs.
Locking Jaws: +2 to Physique when biting someone and holding on with the bite; count as grapple that does bite damage each exchange.
Powerful Jaws and Claws: unarmed is weapon 2.
Physical Stress: OOOO
Mental Stress: OOO
Refresh: 2

One of the things the players never really figured out about Wendigo is that he was almost never tracking them by sight, but rather by smell.  It never played a huge part in the combat or tracking, but I tried to keep it in mind as they tried to keep pace with him.

While it was possible for the players to save Cartier, I figured he'd probably end up dead, so the curse aspect and the plans for how to save a team member were some of the first things I planned for him.  The team has found two of the three potential routes I'd come up with to save the victim, so they're doing pretty well.

Originally, Wendigo was built to only use A Force of Nature at close range, but it quickly became apparent that it wasn't going to be a factor if that was the case, so it got tweaked to the current wording.  It didn't save him, obviously, but it kept him from being completely picked off at range.

I could have given Wendigo a few more stress boxes or more refresh or stunts to make him closer to being as unstoppable as he is in the comics, but I wanted to keep him in the range of the players' power levels.  Over time I likely will pump some of the villains up that way, but it feels organic where it's at so far.  Especially in the context of the show keeping most of the villains (except for Lorelei, Marcus Daniels/Blackout, and maybe Deathlok) within the same power range as the main characters.

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