Fate of SHIELD: Episode 1 Notes

Since I'm GMing, I'm gonna try and make a habit of putting some quick notes up between sessions and recaps.  I'll try and avoid secrets and spoilers, but once enemies are taken down, their character sheets will go in these entries.

All in all, the session hit all the things I'd hoped for.  We hinted at Victoria and Stalson's secrets (more blatently for him with his getting leaked).  There were secrets hinted at with Richards, too, though nothing was really behind that at the moment.

I liked getting some traction with Sparks and Savage, who were part of the associated characters for Rennaker.  Each player gave me two or three, but these two really struck a chord with the team.  Sparks may be dead, but Savage should be a useful NPC with minimal input from me.  I'm picturing Savage as played by Aldis Hodge.

Given the TV spinoff nature of the game, all of the players cast actors for their characters.  Stalson is Alexander Skarsgard, Rennaker is Michelle Trachtenberg, Richards is ___, and Gott is Steve Carrell.  Zorya is currently actressless, since she has no body and her main defining characteristic is a Russian accent.

The players hit exactly the notes I was hoping for in their conflict between linking back up with SHIELD, taking on HYDRA, and hunting down Wendigo.  Likewise, their decision, relatively unprompted, to prioritize Wendigo was just what I was hoping for.

Wendigo himself didn't quite seem to work how I hoped.  Most of his powers focused on physique defense, but that left him vulnerable to gunfire; I wanted that to some degree, but he felt a little too vulnerable.  Suffice it to say, his minor milestone will be changing things slightly.

I'm looking forward to next week, which should hopefully resolve Wendigo and drop a few hints about our Big Bad.

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