Scions on a Mountain!

This past Sunday, we finally managed to get the band (mostly) back together to play Scion. We picked up where we left off last time; at the base camp if K2 in the deepest part of winter.

Serafiia and Nick's players were absent, so it was decreed that they were off doing in-character things and away we went. Everyone settled in at the base camp, claiming bunk space and preparing to stay the night. Having somewhat bonded with Nick and Brock, Leander offered them some of the rations he'd ordered and began to take stock of the space. Claiming a bunk, Lee checked to see if the satellite internet was patched through to the camp, but there was no such luck. So instead he began to watch a pre-dowloaded StarCraft II tournament cast. For a few minutes the group was serenaded by the sounds of excited casters, but when a few of the others began to prepare for bed, Leander slipped on and hooked up his bluetooth earpiece.

He, and most of the group rose, rose early. Lee worked out alongside Brock for a bit and before long, the band was ready to set out. Leander suited up in arctic camo gear while mocking Brock's neon green Eddie Bauer gear. The group pushed hard up the mountain, but even their divine physiques were slowed by the daunting task and Brock and Leander both began to feel the cold around them.

Which was about the time giant, white-furred, jewelry bedecked humanoids burst from the snows around them. Leander dropped his hands to his relic spearhead and desert eagle but didn't draw, feeling threatened by the apparent yetis but not wiling to provoke them into an attack. Within moments, more yetis and yaks appeared, adding to the tense situation. The yetis spoke at the Scions until William suddenly developed an ability to understand them. They told the Scions that they were trespassing on sacred ground and needed to leave or die. William informed the yetis of the Scions' mission and the yetis retorted that Rivkah bore the stench if Muspelheim. When that was revealed, Leander immediately remembered the giant who had attempted to chain Rivkah at the airport.

William instructed Rivkah to strip, to detect if the giant had placed something on her that gave her the "stench." She complied, to no positive result, but at nearly the same moment, several steaming shapes were spotted charging up the mountain by the Scions and a certain yeti vowed to silence. The shapes resolved into super-heated onyx hounds, readily apparent as servants of Muspelheim.  Leander transformed his spearhead belt buckle into a naginata spear, holding it ready for a fight, and drew his desert eagle.  The other Scions and yetis sprang into action, engaging the onyx hounds.

The silent yeti smashed into a pair of the hounds, crushing them deep into the snow, and the Scions quickly put serious damage to the other leading hounds.  A second wave approached, though, accompanied by a fire giant.  Leander immediately focused on the giant, and Brock's assault on the same individual emboldened the Scions, giving them extra fire for the attack.  Surveying the battlefield and valorously ignoring a pair of onrushing hounds intent on him, Leander directed the Scions and silent yeti in an assault on the fire giant, which Rivkah foolishly chose to remain apart from.  Her attack failed, but the greater assault, including the silent yeti's pet yak, crushed the giant and pushed back the assault by the Muspelheim forces.  For the moment, there was a reprieve, which will no doubt end quickly during our next session...