TableTop Day Recap

On Saturday it was International TableTop Day (based on Geek and Sundry's show TableTop, hosted by Wil Wheaton), so I rolled on down to Santa Cruz to hang out with friends at Inklings Books and Things.  They held raffles for awesome loot, provided table space for various games, and helped a bunch of boardgamers hang out with friends and new acquaintances alike.

All the loot to be raffled...

I got lucky and won one of the first raffles, getting loot for Kaijudo, Spot It, Worra, The Resistance, and DnD!  An awesome way to get rolling.  I sat in on games of Zombicide (for three or four games) and Agricola and watched games of Evo and Roborally.  And all the while, Zombicide's Kickstarter was rolling through its second to last day and introducing awesome survivors based on Sean Connery, John Cleese, Tom Selleck, and Jack Nicholson as the 9 or 10 of us who were in on the Kickstarter kept one another updated.  Tons of fun.

In Zombicide, we play tested a scenario set up by my buddy Frost, in which we had to rescue trapped survivors from cars and escape the onrushing zombie horde.  We played the first couple rounds mostly with experienced Zombiciders.  Our first game out, we drew an Abomination on the second turn, which I tried to slow down (I was playing Nick, which gave me a little extra survivability).  Once the Abom was on the board, our downfall was inevitable.  We made it a little bit further in the second play through, getting what we needed to free the trapped survivors, but never quite reaching them.  We decided to take a break for a bit and come back to it later.

That meant it was time for Agricola!  I really enjoy Agricola when not playing with someone I know who seems to be able to optimize his actions without any effort and always wins.  Good guy, but man that's annoying!  Anyways, I got a great hand.  Lots of synergy between my occupations and minor improvements and I managed to steal first player right away and get rolling quickly.  We were introducing Frost to the game and he ended up with the Taster occupation which let him steal first player fairly effectively over and over!  It was a competitive game and I don't think anyone ever felt completely out of it, which made it even more fun than usual.

We had lunch, and spread out to other games.  I was feeling a bit of a headache coming on, so I spied on some games of Evo and watched my group reconvene to play RoboRally.  Both games looked pretty entertaining, though I think Evo is more my speed.  And it's got dinosaurs!  How can anyone say no to dinosaurs?

We finished the night out trying the Zombicide scenario again.  With some slight modifications and some luck, we got the first car open before an Abomination showed up and were able to hold on long enough to get the second car open.  We were mobbed at that point, but managed to kill enough zombies to clear a path and escape!  It was in doubt until the very last turn, which made the win extremely satisfying.  We also had three Zombicide newbies in the game and has been my experience, everyone who plays Zombicide gets hooked and declares they're going to buy the game.  That's a great sign.

All in all, International TableTop Day was great fun and I can't wait until next year when it all goes down again!