Yes, Even More Dice on Kickstarter

I've been in on the Fudge It! campaign on Kickstarter for a while now because I really do have a little too much affection for having a wide variety of dice. Call it gamer superstition, but I like having different colors and styles to fall back on if I feel like something isn't rolling well. And the Fudge It! campaign promises to give me some new options for my fudge/fate dice.  The campaign also has support from both Grey Ghost Press, the originators of Fudge dice, and Fred Hicks of Evil Hat, publishers of probably the biggest consumer of Fudge dice: Fate.  It looks like the Fudge It! campaign should just make funding at the end of April.

Speaking of Evil Hat, I'm also jumping on board with Evil Hat's official Fate Dice campaign, which is new but moving quickly. Two of three stretch goal sets of dice have already been revealed and are awesome! The Centurion Set, based off the Fate game Spirit of the Century, is is gold, burgundy, and black which gives me a very steampunk vibe. The first revealed set is based on the cover of Fate Core and features sparkling dice in purple, green, and blue. But my current favorite is the Atomic Robo set, based off the Atomic Robo comic and forthcoming Fate game, which features translucent cyan and green and a pearlized grey. The set is gorgeous and the cyan and grey are a great matching set. I'm sure they'll become my go-to dice.  Rumor has it that the next set to be revealed will pay homage to the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher and the Dresden Files RPG from Evil Hat.  I can't wait to discover if that's true.  If I can base my estimate off of Fate Core, the Fate Dice campaign is going to blow way past the currently set stretch goals and result in some bonus designs and colors.  We'll see!