Scions on a Plane

My Sunday group, after a few false starts, finally got to start our run of Scion yesterday.  I'm playing Leander "Lee" Adrastos, Scion of Athena, who I envision (were this a TV series) played by Christian Kane.  Leander was born of a small piece of Athena left in Zeus when she burst from his forehead.  When Zeus was out doing what Zeus does, the piece was left behind in a mortal woman, who gave birth to Leander and gave him the last name Zeus had assumed when he was with her.  Leander grew up a strategic genius and became a mercenary, leading teams in the Sudan, Eastern Europe, all throughout the Middle East, and South America.  When he was visited by Athena, he walked away from it all and went to live on Olympus and train to fight the Titans.  His mentor there was Elene, daughter of the Muses and librarian demigoddess.

The game started off with everyone running down their characters a bit.  We had Brock Landers, Hollywood Action Megastar son of Baldur.  Nick Holden, conman son of Hermes.  Rivkah, tough as nails daughter of Thor.  William, elderly Gurhka son of Kali.  And Sarafiiia, South African corporate espionagist daughter of Bast.  The game opened with everyone going about their daily busy.

Leander was on Olympus, preparing to read another strategy book when he found that the usually well-lit library had a corridor that was heavily shadowed.  Elene, who had been absent for some time, stepped from the shadows and informed Leander that a prophecy had been read that involved Leander and several other Scions.  She urged him to secrecy, even within the Pantheon, and told him he needed to go to K2 and climb it during the dead of winter.  Leander, feeling the pull of dury and trusting his mentor, agreed without hesitation.  He came off of Olympus via the Axis Mundi at Olympia, Washington.

From there he headed to Seattle, where he'd catch a transpacific flight that would eventually get him to Islamabad.  Before getting to the airport, he made a couple calls, arranging for a package of weapons and gear to be left for him at a storage unit outside security at the Islamabad airport.  There was no issue for Leander getting through security, but the same was not so for everyone.  Brock and Nick were at the same airport and when Nick tossed his gun over the metal detector, the only person who saw was Brock, who screamed "gun!" and tried to tackle Nick.  Nick deftly sidestep and Brock made a scene tackling a TSA agent.

Leander finished tying his shoe while checking to see a gun, which he found no evidence of.  So he calmly snapped a photo of Brock and decided to chat with Nick about the situation.  They talked a bit about the crazy actor and then Brock managed to convince TSA, DHS, and airport security that they had all been part of a publicity stunt.  Leander, already with suspicions about the others,  asked them if they were headed to gate C4, which Brock ignored, but nick confirmed by pulling out his ticket.

On said ticket was a drawing of a phallus, which Leander quickly recognized as the work of Hermes. He told Nick he recognized it, to which Nick replied "very funny, dad."  Leander corrected him to "cousin" and they compared a few family interactions and decided they must be headed to the same place for similar reasons.  They got to the plane where Nick ended up in first class (next to Brock) and Leander was in coach.

Elsewhere, William belived Sarafiiia had his yak.

When the contingent flying from Seattle arrived in Islamabad, they discovered a section of the terminal in chaos.  A stone-skinned woman was fighting a Fire Giant, and the Department of Pakistani Security (made up so they could be abbreviated DPS) were keeping people away.  Brock talked himself and Nick past DPS, but still didn't trust Leander, so left him behind.  They went in guns blazing, but the Giant shrugged the shots off.  Leander didn't need to be closer, though, just higher.  Standing on a bench and momentarily telling the DPS to wait, he called out instructions to Nick, Brock, and Rivkah (who was the stone-skinned wonan).  His plan worked, allowing Rivkah to free herself and Brock to put a bullet through the Giant's eye.  Brock again passed it all off as a PR stunt.

From there, Rivkah went to get her luggage and Leander went out to get the package he'd had left with Nick in tow.  He found a snowmobile and multiple guns waiting for him.  Rivkah and Brock arrived with their own snowmobiles and the foursome set out for K2.  Along the way, they passed an old man sitting atop a yak which was in a snow bank.  They stopped to talk with him and his hidden companion, then headed further on to base camp. Not long after William and Sarafiiia arrived atop their yaks.

Next time: A journey up K2!

Leander learned this session that he has a mostly tolerable cousin and that Brock Landers likes to tackle innocent people on a regular basis.  A regular basis.

I got a ChrisG (a bonus XP we all hand out at the end of session, named in honor of one of the other GM's of some of Sunday Game Group's players) for my coordination of my teammates and I gave a ChrisG to Sarafiiia for being able to hide her yak in plain sight.

Video to follow at some point!