A couple years ago now, I set up this blog with the intent of writing once a week and hoping to make money off it (as I had been getting paid a small amount elsewhere to blog), which I quickly decided was a poor motivation and rather silly.  The reason I write is for fun, and to share an insight, work through a problem, or make a joke.  So I'm clearing out what came before and starting over.

My intent this time around is to put together something here as often as I can, which will probably go in cycles as my interest waxes and wanes (though feedback will help that stay up!) and to not limit myself to what I feel like was ad-pandering before.  My main focus will still be pen and paper roleplaying, but since I play (and like to talk/write about) a lot of videogames, I'll let some of that cross over here, as well.  I won't be blogging often about personal issues (I've got Facebook, Twitter, a private journal, AND another blog for that), but I'm not going to worry about needing to be professional and unbiased sounding, because that's just not who I am.

So to give a more specific idea of what I intend to write on, I envision trying to do the following types of posts:

1. Game session summaries:  these won't be full play-by-plays, but rather a quick run down of what happened (especially when things go well for me) and any anazing moments of humor around the table.

2. In-character blurbs: sometimes I write in-character bits unrelated to my game sessions in order to better find a character's voice.  No reason not to share.

3. Reviews: sometimes I just have to rave about my new dice, the new setting I'm playing, or something I found handy to have at the table.

4. Random (to steal from Day[9]) "be a better gamer" musings.

5. Gamer trip reports: One word, Blizzcon.

6. Character ideas:  I come up with way more characters than I can sctually play.  I'll be throwing up posts for the ones I'm not likely to use, to help inspire others.

That all said, we'll see if I add more or fail to keep up entirely.  Either way, it's worth a shot!