Game Night: Steampunk Smackdown!

A couple Sundays back, most of the Sunday night group couldn't make it due to various reasons, so we jumped into a bit of Strands of Fate steampunk.  The group consisted of a Steampunk Sentient Robot (Chooooooie!), a Captain, a sniper, a burly tough guy, and my character.

My character dubbed herself Juno and was a wizard.  No really a wizard.  She'd be happy to tell you so.  Disregard those mechanical apparatus under her clothes.  Doubt and feel her wrath.  The rest of the group started out without Juno, who was from the area they were headed to, to investigate the disappearance of the local baron's daughter to mysterious kidnappers.  Juno also had her reasons to hunt down these kidnappers, giving a logical reason for her to link up with the group.

But I'd decided that Juno might just be a bit arrogant.  And she knew of Captain Zack (Sparrow, that is), who she informed she wouldn't be being intimate with.  The Captain reported with well-earned sarcasm and got a chest full of Aether bolt courtesy of Juno's bad temper.  Choo-choo didn't particularly like that and warned Juno with tea-kettle-y rage and a raised fist, but ended up picking up Captain Zack instead.  Juno managed to still convince the group she could be of help to them and thus tagged along as they headed off to a bar to look for clues.

Eventually, Choo-choo and Juno headed back to the group's airship while the captain got busy, the tough got drunk (and passed out), and the sniper got fed.  They never quite made it there, though.  On the way up the dock, Chooie overheard some other folks talking about the kidnappings and was sure that they were involved.  This, tea-kettle-y rage was unleashed.  Three of the group squared off against Chooie and Juno ducked behind the big robot to hide.

Meanwhile, Captain Zack was still getting laid.

Back at the dock, Juno threw up a shield, preventing the rest of the rival airship's crew from joining the fight. Eventually a grenade got introduced to the fight.  Juno went to blast one of the combatants, but her machinery failed.  A moment later, Chooie booted the grenade and the robot's great might punched the object through Juno's shield... and into the airship.  The resulting explosion was heard back at the bar and sent the burning wreckage of the ship down into the city.

The bewildered rival crew eventually lost out and the guards showed up.  Juno, in self-preservation mode, claimed to not really know Choo-choo and played up the act of creating a shield and her lack of knowledge of why the fight had started.  The guards took her, and Chooie, anyways.  Eventually, Captain Zack did get them freed and the group started out.

While in the air, the ship was attacked and forced into a storm where the worst happened: they encountered a terrible sky-kraken!  That was the cliff-hanger ending.