Scions on a Beach!

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When we last heard from the band, they were setting up to attend a meeting with Scions of the Atua pantheon.  Brock had overheard them arguing about trusting the band and discussing Pele's kidnapping.  William went in early, according to plan, and the rest of the Scions arrived together.

Which is pretty much when the plan failed.  The Atua settled in to the meeting with the group of Scions who'd come together, but Lha-mo quickly noticed that the room was filled with beings of legend.  It seemed as though there were very few mortals in the bar.  Mostly, it was Scions and a large host of what Leander assumed were Menehune.  Lha-mo pointed this out and the Atua announced that they knew Brock and William were part of the group.

So the two sides set to negotiating.  Initially, Nick and William led the talks for the band and Tane led for the Atua, with Leander, Brock, and Rivkah chipping in occasionally.  The conversation began with a blatant "how can we trust you?" comment from the Atua, discussing the issues the Scions had brought with them (Spider-chick) and the fact that Lha-mo was a Titanspawn, no matter how aligned with the gods.  The Scions were able to rally, though, discussing how they've worked to protect people and bringing up Lha-mo's selfless care of the humans injured when the Spider-girl threw a car at the Scions.  It seemed the group was winning the Atua over slowly but surely.  Somewhere in the midst of all this, Brock got a call that told him his wife and daughter were hostages of the giants.  He intended to head to LA to make the giants pay.

And that's when the conversation got really interesting.  The Atua alluded to the fact that there had been groups that had come because of the prophecy before.  They mentioned that Reggie had been among them and that his fall to the Titans had helped foster their mistrust.  It was further explained that of the several groups, nearly every Scion had either been killed or corrupted; the lone survivor was hiding away on Kauai and was named "Billy" (or "Ballet" or "Bilty" or something like that).  The band talked about how they were going to "break the rules" of the prophecy and were told that Billay's group had done just that by researching the prophecy.

The band decided they needed to discuss this and asked the Atua for a moment, which they were granted.  As they talked, several of the team noticed a sound in a back room and they quickly went to investigate.  There they found four fire giants ready to fight.  The Scions charged in to attack, but their initial flurry did little.  Leander called out orders for them to coordinate their fire, but was pulled out of that portion of the battle by the appearance of hundreds of spiders pouring from a vent above his head.

Leander pulled back from the fight, trying to lead the Spider-bitch away.  Meanwhile, the Scions began to whittle away at the fire giants, but weren't scoring the big hits they really needed.  Rivkah and William focused on the apparent leader of the giants, who seemed to be enjoying himself.  Leander hopped the bar, grabbed a bottle of liquor, hopped the other end of the bar, then went out a window to try and find Atua reinforcements, only to find them on the losing end of another battle with fire giants.  There he witnessed one of the Atua women about to be pounded flat by a giant standing over her and he charged, using his spear as a pole vault and trying to bury it in the giant's neck.  He failed.

The giant turned on Leander and hurled him back through the wall of the bar, landing him in a seething mass of spiders, which took the opportunity to try and burrow into his flesh as they'd done with the boy, the dolphin, and blonde woman.  Fortunately for him and the band, while Leander was outside Lha-mo got the idea to blow on her horn, which called forth a small blizzard in the bar and slowed and then froze the fire giants while instilling the Scions (aside from Leander) with intense malice.  They slowly took the giants apart before finishing them.  Meanwhile, Lha-mo exited the back room and found Leander, which brought the blizzard to bear on the spiders, which froze and shrived, saving Leander.

The Scions rushed outside, but were likely too late to save the Atua, who were being overwhelmed.  Detective Kei tossed them a small bag with a carving of what the band assumed was Pele inside.  William talked other members of the team out of trying to make a last stand and they found a jeep which was clearly a relic.  Nick had the idea of channeling legend into it and it started.  As they drove, they could hear and see the volcano beginning to change and the area surrounding it begin to take on the aspect of Muspelheim.  Leander theorized that an axis mundi had been formed and that the band would need to shut it down.  The group made for the airport first, intending to go first to get to Kauai and then to accompany Brock to save his family, then to return to try and close the axis mundi.

As the reached the airport, it was suggested that the group drive across the fountain.  There they discovered that the jeep could drive on water, so they pulled an about face and tore across the islands and water headed for Kauai.  When they got there, they set about using the jeep's GPS to try and find Bobbay, but missed the most obvious clue of a man standing on the beach staring back towards where the axis mundi had been opened.  Eventually, they made it back to the man, who introduced himself as the aforementioned Billy.

He explained Reggie's fate and the death of a teammate he called "Sparkles."  He chose to only speak to the prettiest members of the party, mostly ignoring William, Leander, and Lha-mo.  The Scions got him to the airport as he spoke vaguely of the prophecy and they booked a flight to LA.  Once on the plane, Beelie regaled the Scions and other passengers with what he knew of the prophecy while hitting furiously on anyone attractive.  He dropped vague hints about the prophecy, mostly about two who would lose the will to live, one who would die, one who would be broken under the mountain, and the one who came before who would lead them, which he interpreted as himself.  Some of the band seemed rather unsure of that, but as they flew on toward LA, Bylette continued to peg Brock as "one who would lose the will to live..."