Terminus 6.7

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The No Pants Brigade started the day on a bridge where we'd been led by the old Kuo-toa lady after questioning Karus' flunky.  It seemed like we'd get across this bridge without issue, but Adah-kah spotted a black form in the water, which turned out to be a creature of swamp-muck that looked like a dragon, an eel, and a tree had an ugly baby.  The party was ready for this, though, as Vallo had cast a spell that let us walk on water.  He moved us down to it and the fight was on.

Unfortunately for muck-drageelant, the party was itching for a fight and had resources to spare.  Adah-kah and Meggido quickly positioned it to effect max damage.  The Kuo-toa pady ran away, but the party pretty smuch smashed through the muck-drageelant.  It was pissed when it died.

We went back and found the Kuo-toa lady and got better directions from her.  Rather than follow her round-about directions, the party boar-flew to the town center.  From the air, we began to scout the area.  We quickly spotted the main dome, but saw no sign of Karus.  We spied on his shrub people minions from above, though.  Sabriel's dragonborn sense pointed us directly at the building.

After a bit of debate about fkying i. On the boars or leaving them outside, tge party entered the big dome on foot and found the dryad-lich Karus.  He had his shrub minions and golem Skeshuni creatures with him and seemed to be doing a ritual.  Thus, it was combat time!

The shrub minions fell quickly as the party went straight to work on crowd control.  That left mainly the fake Skeshuni and Karus, who demanded the golems defend him.  The party didn't know until too late that the golems had some nasty tricks up their sleeves.  when bloodied, they washed over wnemies in an acidic form, severely damaging a few party members.  

Adah-kah took a fair amount of damage from that, then tried to finish one of the fake Skeshuni off.  It blew up on Meggido and Adah-kah, bloodying Adah-kah.  Adah-kah crossed to another fake Skeshuni near Sabriel, which died trying to blow up on Adah-kah and Sabriel, but only hit Sabriel.

For a breif moment Adah-kah was able to flex his mobility and teleported once and sprinted about, but Karus entered the fight and restrained the Avenger, along with Meggido and Sabriel.  It was sad times.  The last Skeshuni-light exploded on Adah-kah, who was in a bad way.

Things looked grim for a moment, but Sardis and Meggido combined to get Karus close to Adah-kah and Vallo managed to keep everyone alive.  Adah-kah landed two big Avenger powers on Karus and everyone else piled on the damage, bringing him down.  Karus threatened to find us, to which we responded, "fuck you, we'll find you first."