Leander Talks to Elene

This piece is set between sessions, while Leander was bunked out in the hotel bathroom in order to protect himself from the Arachne-spawn.

“Are you certain about that, Leander?” asked the female voice over the line, proper and calm.

“Am I certain that I was attacked by a swarm of spiders riding in a human body?  Absolutely,” replied Leander, forcing the irritation out of his voice.  Elene isn’t doubting it.  Just gathering facts.

“And it told you it was a child of Arachne?”

“Yeah.”  Leander adjusted his tactical vest, the transformed armor of Ulysses.

Leander paused as he could sense Elene thinking.  After a moment, he asked, “Did you ever hear of her having children before?”

“No, the stories tell nothing of it, but that means little, in the end.  It seems clear that Arachne, after being cursed by your mother, tied her fate to that of the Titans.  They would be well equipped to grant her the ability to spread her curse.”

Leander frowned.  “So that could be a biological child…”

“Or it could be some poor soul transformed by the transmitted curse.”

“That raises some ethical questions…”

“Does it, Lee?”

Leander nodded, though Elene couldn’t see the action over the phone.  “Yeah.  If it’s the curse, it might be broken.  No doubt the person may be damaged permanently in some way, but there could be hope.”

“And if it is not?”

“If it’s not, it’s just another Titanspawn.”  Leander shifted, keeping his muscles from locking up in the uncomfortable confines of the tub in which he sat.

“And you will do what you have trained to do.”

“Of course.”

“What if the curse cannot be broken.  After all, none but your mother or Zeus could free Arachne…  If the Titans have twisted her curse, then any infected in such a manner may be beyond saving.”

Leander sighed.  “Then I’ll have to put it down.  I suppose that’s the most likely course.  If I was making that kind of sleeper agent, I’d be sure to make them unable to be re-turned.”

“Indeed.  Have you thought on the actions of Detective Kei and his Atua bretheren?”

“You mean the fact that they seem to have something to hide?”


“Trust is tricky.  It could be like you warned me before; we don’t know who is turned and Pele’s own family could be behind her disappearance.  Or it could be that they suspect us for the very same reasons.  Undoubtedly, they know where we are and are watching.  It’s what I would do.”

“I have no doubts,” replied Elene.  Leander could hear her smiling.

“Thank you for talking it through with me, cousin.”

“Of course.  Tell me, cousin…  Have you found a nice island girl yet?”  Elene laughed, dropping the formal mode of speech she often adopted in her researcher role.

“It’s a business trip, Ellie.  Can’t get distracted.”

“You think cousin Nick is doing that?”

“I’m not worried about who he’s seeing, so long as it isn’t the spider-lady.”

“Probably wise.  I’m being called back, Leander.”

“Then I’ll speak to you later, Elene.”

“Sleep well, cousin…  Don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

“Ha. Ha.”