Voices My Voice Follows: Actors

So previously in this series, I've discussed authors and videogames and their makers.  This time out, I'd like to talk about actors.  I've no doubt this list won't be super original, but that's okay.

Wil Wheaton - I could have easily put him with the authors, but he's here because it's how I knew of him first.  Wheaton has been a big boon to the geek community because he approaches his geekdom with candor and fairness.  His talks on his fears and insecurities growing up ring true to some of my experiences.  And TableTop is a great way to find new games.

Felicia Day - Similar to Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day serms to be driven to help people who'd otherwise be called nerds or gerks fibd community.  Her leadership of Geek and Sundry has opened up a lot of social opportunity for people and she seems to genuinely live what she's doing.

Jensen Ackles - Jensen Ackles seems to just be the kind of person who finds fun in whatever he's doing.  He seems to tale all the fan canon about his character in stride and even has some fun with it.  Also, he's done some entertaining things outside of Supernatural, such as Ten Inch Hero, which was a pretty entertaining movie.

Harrison Ford - The man is an icon.  Han Solo.  Indiana Jones.  President James Marshall.  He was a big pert of why I wanted to be a paleontologist/archaeologist when I was growing up.

Sam Witwer - One of the things that gets me most about Sam Witwer is how passionate he is about the things he does.  His portrayal of Darth Maul in Star Wars: Clone Wars is a great example of this; Witwer was able to bring his own musings into Darth Maul, as well as the Extended Universe Sith Code into the character in a way many actors would not probably have considered.

Neil Patrick Harris - He dreams in puppet, sings about freeze rays, wrote the bro code, promotes food porn, and advocates for equal rights.  NPH is a pretty fantastic person who seems to just genuinely appreciate his life.  That's definitely something to aspire to.

Sir Patrick Stewart - The former Captain Jean-Luc Picard is a pretty incredible man.  He's got a great sense of humor, posting pictures of himself in stocks and in a ball pit.  He's an activist using his story of abuse to fuel support of domestic abuse and PTSD foundations.  He continues to take new and interesting film and stage roles, as well.  Hard to find a better role model than a man who uses his personal pain to reach out to help others.

LeVar Burton - Keeping in theme, LeVar Burton is an actor who has used his fame to help others.  He's an equal rights advocate, but more than that, he's a giant supporter of education advancement and reform.  When Reading Rainbow on PBS ended, Burton didn't let that be the end of the series and now an amazing Reading Rainbow app is available for smartphones and tablets which is bringing back much of the old material as well as new books to help kids learn to love reading.

Nathan Fillion - Nathan Fillion seems to be the king of confidence.  He often plays cocky characters, and represents himself on twitter as a strongly confident person.  But he doesn't just extend that confidence to himself.  On numerous occasions, I've seen him try to spread his confidence to others, be they fellow actors or fans.  And that's an awesome attitude for a person to have.

Natalie Portman - Natalie Portman is an interesting actress.  She transformed from a "nerdy quirky girl" to much more elegant and complex roles and has since transitioned back to more films that allow her "quirky side" out.  I think that serves as a pretty cool reminder that a woman can be glamorous and geeky all at once.

Abigail Breslin - The youngest person on this list.  Breslin is a lot like Natalie Portman in that she started off as a quirky kid in movies but has branched out.  She's played glamorous characters and average teens and even pulled off some action heroine moments in Zombieland.  Her twitter paints her as a pretty average kid despite her amazing life, which is refreshing to see.

Cam Clarke - If you've watched a cartoon from the last thirty years, you know who Cam Clarke is even if you don't know his name.  He's one of the most prolific voice actors of his generation.  He's been in everything from Spongebob to Transformers to Robotech to Ninja Turtles.  He provided the voice for Max Sterling, who is one of the greatest cartoon characters of all time.

Tricia Helfer - Tricia Helfer seems to have made a career out of playing tough, if a bit malevolent, women.  She was Six in Battlestar Galactica and now she plays Kerrigan in the StarCraft II games.  She's a great role model for anyone who wants to teach girls that they can be tough if they want to.