Scions Back on a Volcano!

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Rivkah returned to the room and the Scions bedded down for the night.  Lha-mo took the front room, Brock the master bedroom, Leander chose to sleep in the tub in the bathroom where he'd covered all the obvious cracks, and the others spread out to various places.  In the morning, the team spread out to address various objectives.

Rivkah, having told the group about Tain, called to set up a meeting at a place called Pirate Johnny's for later that evening.  William and Lha-mo set out to the library to do research.  Brock tried to talk to Detective Kei, but was rebuffed by the detective.  Leander stayed at the hotel, duct tape intact, and used the internet to further his research.

Leander discovered more connections to Hawaiian giants and some new information on the the Hawaiian god of owls, Paupueo.  At the library, William and Lha-mo found a short Hawaiian man telling stories to gathered children, discussing the Menehune and the gods of Hawaii.  William gleaned some new information from that and talked briefly with the man.  Both William and Lha-mo seemed to feel that the man was more than he was letting on, but when pushed, the man repeated Kei's earlier warning to stay away and refused to give them information.  They also found pictures, taken by cellphone and printed in the local paper, of the men who abducted Pele, who looked more Indian than Hawaiian.

The Scions reconvened back at the hotel to share information.  Leander looked up more pictures of the abductors online and agreed they looked more like Indian citizens than Hawaiians.  At a loss for more avenues to persue, the band drove up the road to the volcano to inspect the location Pele was abducted from.  They didn't make it there before trouble cropped up, though.  Now that the Scions were back out in the open in a rented van, the Spider-Chick decided to make her presence felt again.  She darted in front of the van and hurled a car at it, which Brock's fancy driving only barely kept from destroying the van.  The team leaped into action.

Brock sped the car around, trying to get a view of the opponent.  Leander, William, and Rivkah all dove out of the van and came up in various states of readiness.  Leander spotted a young 13-year-old boy, but was quickly sure of his foe as the boy spied him and spiders poured from his eyes.  Lha-mo also jumped from the van, but instead of rushing into the fight, hurried off to check on the people in the car that had been thrown at the van.  Heroically, Lha-mo discovered they were injured and dedicated some yeti attention to freeing them and caring for their wounds, heedless of the battle.

Brock tried to slam the van into the Arachnae-Spawn, but the little bugger was too quick.  Leander tried to set up another chance to burn the spider alive but sliding under the car and severing the fuel line, but the Spider-Chick tried to keep distance between them.  William briefly tried to reason with it, but was ignored.  Rivkah wound up to join the fight, but was cut off by a "hello little sister" and a punch to the face that sent her flying.  Her half-brother, Reggie, had shown up, collar, cuffs, and glowing gem in tow.  He proceeded to set about pounding Rivkah's face in, though, she managed a couple shots of her own and pulled off a simultaneous punch with her corrupted sibling.  Still, she was clearly losing.  Lha-mo continued on the dangerous but noble path of caring for the wounded, but did summon the yak to join the fray.

At this point, the Scions began to turn the tide.  William got some fuel in his mouth and sprayed it on the Spider-Kid and Leander was able to light it on fire by striking sparks on the road with his spear.  Brock switched targets and shot the jewel on Reggie's chest, but there was no apparent damage.  Rivkah took to the air, but Reggie gave chase and attacked again.  Afterwards, Rivkah was nearly dead, but the yak intervened and the corrupted Scion was chased away.  The burning Spider-Chick managed to burst into many tiny spiders again and dispersed fire onto the surrounding vegetation.  A forest fire looked ready to start, but Lha-mo summoned a blizzard for a few moments, which doused the flames.  A bunch of tourists and travelers had caught the whole scene on camera phones and that seemed likely to end the Scions' anonymity.  Lha-mo got Rivkah up to the point where she wasn't dying and the team road the yak.

Unfortunately when the team got to the location, they couldn't figure out a whole lot.  There was a smell detectable to divine senses that corresponded to the Devas pantheon and also a smell of coconut that Leander last smelled when around Detective Kei. Unfortunately, time had worn away a lot of the clues and the Scions were no closer to finding Pele.

That meant the team had to fall back on their meeting with Tain.  They came up with a plan of attack that involved Brock going to the restaurant early to scope it out, William going in before the team but well after Brock, and the rest of the group arriving with Rivkah.  Brock's early arrival allowed him to overhear Tain talking to other members of the Atua pantheon about the Scions, debating if they could be trusted.  That made for an interesting precursor to the meeting.