Scions in an Ambush

If you want to see what's come before, there are two recaps here and here, and videos here, there, and everywhere.

Picking up where last we left off, the Scions were introduced to the silent Yeti, called Lha-mo.  They were further informed that Lha-Mo would escort them to the top of the mountain where they'd discover more about their quest.  William requested some added warmth for Brock, at which point Lha-mo picked Brock up into a fireman's carry.  Brock, of course, assumed this meant that Lha-mo was a big fan and would be happy to carry him.

The events leading up to the Titanspawn attack were discussed, and Rivkah, apparently suddenly very motivated, decided to regale the assembled group with stories of how various deities had had sex in various unconventional ways (such as Loki getting pregnant as a horse and Zeus going out as a swan).  Everyone else cleared away a bit...  At one point not long later, Brock asked to be cold again and Lha-mo virtually drowned him in snow, which gave everyone a pretty good laugh.

When the group reached the top of the mountain, the discovered a blue-skinned man in meditation.  He held up a finger asking them to wait and the group complied momentarily.  After a brief continued meditation, the man introduced himself (but I, at the moment, can't manage to figure out how to spell or pronounce his name) and explained that we were gathered out of prophecy, but reiterated what we already knew, that the Titans had an interest in the prophecy, knew who we are, and had managed to turn some of the gods to their side without revealing which gods those were.  The group discovered that he was part of the Tibetan pantheon and that he was tasking Lha-mo to accompany them.

He then informed the Band that Pele had been abducted by Muspelheim.  Which is kind of bad.  This appeared to be part of a larger plot intended to set the entire world aflame.  Which is kind of worse.  He also informed the group that he would transport them to the airport where a plane would be waiting to take them to Hawaii.  Leander asked about what forces might be arrayed against them, and was told that Titanspawn that hadn't been seen for ages were reappearing.  Brock asked about who to trust.  And there were a few other questions I'm fuzzy on at the moment.  Those answered, the blue-skinned being transported the entire group into the airport, past security with packed bags and stashed gear.  Which, really, takes quite a bit of juice.

The group set out into the airport but were almost immediately approached by an attractive woman who suggested she could take them to their chartered plane.  The Scions were suspicious, but determined that she was neither Scion nor Titanspawn, but that she clearly had some sort of divine lineage.  She suggested that she worked with the blue-skinned man (dubbed a smurf by Nick and Brock, to the consternation of Lha-mo, Serafiia and William) and led the Scions to a private jet.  The group chatted a bit in-flight, with everyone being offered a drink that aligned with their general preferences.

The group relaxed briefly until Brock and Leander felt small pricks on their necks and discovered squashed spiders in their hands.  At which time they quickly discovered spiders crawling on the entire Band and throughout the plane.  The attractive woman emerged, but didn't make it far as the spiders were swarming over everything.  Leander quickly drew his spear and intended to use it to crush spiders by rolling it along surfaces, but it quickly became clear that she was part of the situation as when she looked at the group, spiders poured from her eyes.  She took several strides and backhanded Leander the length of the plane and into the rear emergency door.

Laying there, Leander grabbed a large bottle of vodka, a strip of cloth bandage from his vest, and a lighter, preparing to burn down his foe, but it was not to be.  It seemed immediately clear that she had eyes only for Leander as her dark, spider-y sockets stayed fixed on him.  The other Scions tried to intervene, but she evaded them.  At this point Leander realized what she was: a child of Arachnae.

Eventually, crawling on walls, ceilings, and across seats, she reached Leander and used him to bash out the emergency door behind him, exposing them to the outside elements and snuffing the budding Molotov cocktail.  Lee grabbed her wrist and held on as she cackled about killing the only true-blood child of Athena.  Lha-mo and the other Scions managed to pull them back into the plane.  In return, the Arachnae-spawn hurled Leander back to the other side of the plane.  Serafiia stepped through shadows and into the cockpit to check on the pilots and found them covered in webbing and drained of fluids.

Once more the spider-lady advanced on Leander, ignoring the others who had slightly more success in stopping her.  William, Lha-mo, and Rivkah scored hits which caused the Arachnae-spawn to shove herself back down to the other end of the plane.  Finally, Leander had an opening.  His spear rolled to a stop at his feet.  Using it to lever himself up, and wiping blood from the corner of his mouth, he hefted the Molotov.  Calling, "Hey, Brock...  Hot potato..." he hurled it at Arachnae's daughter.  In mid-flight, Nick shattered the bottle and and Brock lit the fluid inside, causing a tornado of flame to catch the spider-woman full force.  She burned mercilessly and the ashes were sucked outside the plane.

Leander flopped over, badly beaten, into a row of chairs and put a breathing mask on.  William and Lha-mo administered first aid while Serafiia's tiger broke down the door of the cockpit and the other Scions set to freeing it of webbing.  Rivkah, in a moment of divine inspiration, discovered she could apply her own ability to fly to the act of flying the plane, and managed to set the team down in Hawaii.  Properly reminded that they need to be cautious, the Scions paused to gather themselves.

I got to award two ChrisG points this session.  One went to Lha-mo for holding Brock under the snow.  The other I'm blanking on at the moment, but when I remember I'll add it back in here.