Scions in a House!

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Buble talked the entire flight from Hawaii to LA.  And had sex.  And talked while having sex.  It was kind of obnoxious.

However, he was all business once the band landed.  Brock led the charge to his old home and we chose to talk to the guards rather than fight our way past them.  Which seemed to havd been the right choice as the ushered us to Brock's old office.

Inside sat a large, dark-skinned man with hints of Indian descent.  He introduced himself as a child of Ganesha, saying the God had turned to the side of the Titans and was "clearing obstacles."

Brock promised to shoot him, but the Ganesha-child revealed Brock's captured daughter.  The Scions managed to free her and Serafiia and Buhbay rushed to take her and find Brock's ex-wife.  The rest of the team got down to business.  The child of Ganesha hefted stolen relics from those he'd defeated.

The Scions took their first shots, which seemed to barely harm the turned Scion. Even working together under Leander's commands.  Fortunately, the team quickly adapted and started thinking outside the box.  Nick, feeling particularly stylish, shot two of Brock's awards off the wall and into the relic glasses on the Scion's face, which flew off.  Meanwhile William grappled with him, and Lha-mo and Rivkah put in heavy blows.  Leander scooped up the glasses and Brock put a bullet of light into the foe while saving his awards.

The chain belt crackling with lightning was switched from the Titanscion to Rivkah as the picking apart of his gear progressed.  Nick and Brock began filling the evil Scion full of holes and Leander got his own strike off as Rivkeh took Brock's lone Oscar, gotten for stuntwork, and jammed it into an electrical socket to charge her powers and turn her skin to stone.

Lamenting the loss of his Oscar, Brock pit another light-bullet into his foe, putting him on the brink.  Unfortunately, the party hadn't prepared for the idea that the evil Scion might have an artifact that might pull him back from the brink.  He gloated as he chomped on a pomegranate seed which restored him to full health.

Unfortunately for him, his gloating was short lived.  The party immediately went back to work, smashing him again and again while he was pinned down.  His shield was disarmed and he was pounded down to the ground, with the Scions claiming his stolen birthrights and Lha-mo and William claiming the relics of Ganesha to be returned to the god at a later time, even should the god prove to be a traitor.

The team worked on the clues they'd been given, including a mid-fight phonecall from Brock's parents, who'd been vacationing in the Caribbean, and determined that there must be more going on than simply the events in Hawaii.  Namely, it seemed that there was activity in the Atlantic Ocean which strongly pointed to the Titanspawn working in Atlantis.  Lha-mo guessed that her sense of Kane Taoka had travelled there, as well.  The Scions determined that they needed to find an Axis Mundi which would deliver them there and set to work on searching for one.