Pacific Rim: You Got Served

Scion was on hold for a week, so SGG Fate Core'd a Pacific Rim one shot!  Forewarning: rarely do we take our one-shots seriously, so prepare for ridiculousness.  We spent our first couple hours coming up with names, aspects, skills and stunts for our Jaegers.  Mine was Raptor Enigma, a  UN-funded Jaeger piloted by a UN soldier and boasting a powerful sensor array, nominally for identifying, tracking, and recording Kaiju.  I was definitely not a spy (a nod back to my character in SGG's Stargate game a year or two ago).  No sir, not a spy.

Ultimately, the team was made up of Valhund Anzus, the stalwart Norweigan defender piloted by a flamboyant man, his fifteen-year-old neice, and an AI; Dingo Baby, the Aussie Jaeger with boomerangs, piloted by a military science experiment team of soldier and kangaroo; Deus Macarena, gunslinging fighter piloted by a god-fearing ugly American; Whisky Tango, the adrenaline-junky American in a small, fast, agile Jaeger; and my aforementioned Raptor Enigma, co-piloted by an AI (but not because I was a spy, because I'm not).

We were in the New York Shatterdome (yep, we were further down the timeline and now events were occuring in every ocean) when the base's alarms went off.  We got to our briefing where we were told that Jaeger Jaguar Dream had been sent out to combat a gorilla-like Kaiju dubbed "Knuckledragger" that had come through apparently alone.  We watched footage of Jaguar getting some good shots in before a blur joined the fight and downed Jaguar.  The blur was assumed to be a Kaiju, now dubbed "Chameleon." Valhund's pilots lamented the loss of the ever-so-sexy crew of Jaguar Dream.

The pair of Kaiju had pushed into New York, laying waste to several neighborhoods.  We were tasked with stopping them with the Irish Jaeger, Guinness Bomb, waiting as our backup.  We were airlifted to the edge of the city and quickly spotted Knuckledragger atop the Empire State Building.  In an amazing display if tactical genius, Baby charged off after Knux and Whisky went off on her own to try and cut it off.  Meanwhile Deus, Valhund, and Raptor followed behind.  

Unsurprisingly, as Dingo Baby closed in on Knuckledragger, the Aussie was ambushed by Chameleon.  It was then that the team discovered that it looked more preying mantis than reptile.  In the ensuing fight, Dingo found it, lost it, found it, lost it, and then Macarena shot at it, but it dodged away.  Valhund, Macarena, and Raptor continued to close in, with Raptor's sensors working overtime, but strugglimg to find Chameleon.

Then, a couple blocks over, Chameleon jumped Whisky.  It scored a soft hit, but the Jaeger kept coming.  Dingo, solar panels ineffective in the night-fight, recharged off of Macarena and the local power grid.  Valhund leapt to defend Whisky, interposing itself between the Kaiju and the smaller Jaeger.  And then, finally, Raptor countered Chameleon's stealth to some degree, giving the team a better sense of where the slippery Kaiju was.  After a few misses, Chameleon slipped away again and Valhund switched to take on Knuckledragger.

Chameleon reappeared engaging. Dingo and Macarena.  Dingo tied an electrical cable to his boomerang to use as a grapple, but it broke on an errant throw.  Raptor was able to use Chameleon's distraction, though, to sprint in and bury a blade into Chameleon.  Knuckledragger charged Valhund, but couldn't bring down the tough Jaeger.

During that exchange, Whisky got onto Knux' back, but it managed to try grab her and tried to slam her to the ground.  Fortunately, Valhund was able to sacrifice himself to absorb the blow, catching Whisky and setting her aside.  Chameleon tried to take down Macarena again, but failed, and Raptor missed him as Chameleon's camoflague took effect again.

Meanwhile Valhund rammed Knux' head to the ground and Whisky added on, keeping it pinned.  Dingo shut down the damage and a now cracked solar panel depleted his energy.  Seeing an opening, Chameleon slammed into it.

Per the plan formulated by him, Valhund, and Whisky, Raptor jumped onto Knux, lighting up his flamethrower and barbecuing Knuckledragger's face.  The Kaiju barely survived and tried to strike back, but Valhund shoved Raptor out of the way and smashed the bubbling flesh of Knux' face into pulp, finishing the Kaiju.  The Jaegers high-fived and Valhund moved to defend Dingo.

Powering back up, Dingo made a net out of scavenged materials, but struggled to make it strong enough.  Whisky joined the fight against Chameleon, but failed to find the Kaiju.  The team formed up in their search, each defending another 's back.  However, Chameleon evaded them until Whisky spotted it and charged to attack, pinning it to a building before charging into to slash at it with her other knife.  Blood splattered everywhere and the Kaiju became clearly visible.

Chameleon was pinned, and Raptor tried to attack it with his flamethrower, but the Kaiju managed to push him aside as he closed and he smashed into a nearby building.  Macarena rolled around a corner, put his six-gun to Chameleon's head and pulled the trigger, heavily hurting the Kaiju.  Dingo, on the other hand, missed, smashed the building, and freed Chameleon.  Whisky, didn't miss, though, putting a knife through Chameleon's head.

Macarena made everyone do the macarena for a victory dance, using a slave program he'd slipped into their Jaeger software.  Valhund lamented the loss of Jaguar Dream and Guinness Bomb showed up just in time to realize he was too late and be forced to dance.  All in all, a successful mission!