Scions in the Ocean!

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The team, having won out over the Scion of Ganesha and determined that they needed to head to Atlantis, began a discussion of their next step.  Using a submarine or trying to swim to Atlantis were quickly ruled out, which left the best option as approaching a god for aid.

There was some debate as to who might be the best option for the task of helping the Scions reach Atlantis.  The group was certain that a god of sea or a psychopomp would be best, but were less sure of their options.

Rivkah said she could theoretically call upon Thor or Odin, but neither had strong ties to the area or the ocean in general.  Leander felt the animosity between Athena and Posiedon might make a deal with that god more difficult.  The group, however hit on the idea of communicating with the Loa god Agwe because of the likelihood that Atlantis was the cause of recent Carribean disturbances.

The team set out to find a church of the Loa in Los Angeles, starting with simplest methods first and grabbing a phone book.  While the first place didn't work out, the proprietor was able to point the band to an actual place of worship.

He did and the Band got there quickly, but with a quick stop at Trader Joe's (for champagne, a savory meal, and toy boat) and a liquor store (for rum) at Leander's quickly Googled suggestion.  At the Lia church, Leander told the proprietor they needed to speak to Agwe, but the mortal wasn't clued-in and didn't take it literally.  The group convinced him to perform a ceremony during which the mortal was taken over by Agwe.

After making their offerings and negotiating a bit, Agwe transported the Scions to his realm.  There negotiations continued, ending with the band agreeing to perform a task within the next year and a day, but not before rescuing or eliminating Pele.  Agwe provided the Scions with armbands with his veve on them and led them to a doorway into the sea.

Anglerfish formed a lighted pathway to a "landing pad" area where three very large sharks swam in lazy circles.  The sharks allowed the Scions to latch on to them for transport to Atlantis.  Several members of the group activated abilities which let them see in the dark, including Leander looking into the electromagnetic spectrum.

Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for him, or them, to stop huge tentacles from gripping the shark Leander rode and devouring it.  The Scions found themselves quickly sharkless and facing down a young kraken.

The team leapt into action, managing to mostly beat the kraken to the punch.  Unfortunately, krakens are kind of hard to injure.  Watching the chaos, Leander directed his teammates to work together on the nominal "head" of the beast.  While a few of the Scions could see the kraken, it took some quick thinking on Nick's part to get everyone into the fight.  He used his illusion powers to create an image of the kraken in everyone's mind (though he also made it look like he was single-handedly decimating it), and that gave everyone the ability to join in the assault.

Leander joined the assault by calling lightning down through the ocean to his spear, which had the unfortunate side-effect of making him the priority target for the kraken.  A pair of the beast's attacks weakened the child of Athena, but the Scions struck back quickly, with William, Rivkah, Brock, Nick, and Lha-mo scoring solid hits.  Leander danced back out of range, but continued to direct his teammates.  Lha-mo's yak also joined the fight, which seemed to finally turn the tide.

In the end, everyone moved in close on the kraken, which tried to grapple everyone.  It scored hits on a few individuals, including Rivkah, but Leander used his spear to propel himself down the kraken's body.  William was swallowed and Rivkah considered allowing the same to happen, but ultimately the sea monster lost out and the Scions continued further on towards Lha-mo's impression of Kane.  Which is when they found an enormous bio-luminescent city.  As they settled down onto one of the streets, they had a moment to look around before hearing a loud clicking and several nemean pistol shrimp emerged.  Which is this week's cliff-hanger.