WoWFate: I'm On A Boat

After having completed repairs to the ship and setting off again fron the Murloc-infested island, the travellers landed at Northwatch Hold, near the Tauren village of Taurajo. Upon docking, Brim hurridly rushed off the boat stopping near the guardhouse at the edge of the dock.

Yshara was close behind, walking regally down the gangplank and introducing herself to the guards.  Urist, ever-cautious, followed, keeping a careful eye out. 

Yshara quickly struck up a conversation with a Night Elf guardsman who she initially confused for a guardswoman, much to his embarassment.  Zulfi'shi also headed down the ramp and after a short conversation, Thorren and Etiainen also disembarked.

They passed the guardhouse, heading for the magistrate, who was further down.  He was quite rude, making disparaging remarks about almost everyone before curtly leading everyone to the town hall, where the meeting was set to be held.  The meeting was set to begin in about 30 minutes, leaving everyone time to get settled in.

Most of the party went alone to their rooms, but Etiainen accompanied Thorren to his.  They discussed the need for Etiainen to try and overcone her distaste abd distrust of other people, with no strong resolution being found.

Shortly thereafter a page arrived to each room, summoning the collected adventurers to the meeting hall.  Therin were collected a number of important dignitaries, including Thrall, Jaina Proudmore, Hamuul Runetotem, and Malfurion Stormrage.  The greeted the heroes, who returned the greeting with the respect and awe due the leaders.

Thorren was the main speaker for the Horde adveturers, greeting the Warchief with the phrase "awaihilo ich porah," meaning strength and honor.  The great leaders of Kalimdor laid out the broader mission: ease tension between the Kaldorei and Orcs by ceasing lumbering in Ashenvale.  In return, the Night Elves would cede Fel Fire Hill to the Orcs to lumber.  The gathered adventurers would facilitate this by surveying Fel Fire Hill, gathering intelligence on the inhabiting demons, and reporting back to General Saurfang, who was overseeing the military actions.  This would lead to a concerted effort to purge the Fel taint from the area.

Etiainen and Thorren discussed ways to do this, and asked Thrall and Hamuul's advice.  A few other questions about the region gained the party a sense of the tension that was building in the area and the disposition of Silverwing Lodge and the Warsong Clan in the area.  Everyone signed on to the task and we were informed that the group would make the first part of their trip escorting a caravan from Northwatch Hold to the Crossroads.

Once the meeting had ended, the party tenporarily dispersed but all ended up at the tavern.  Brim, naturally, immediately set to drinking.  The patrons of the bar seemed to universally agree that his family's lightbrew was unappealing and "tasted like piss."  Thorren, having been part of the teams organized by Rexxar, Vol'jin, Rohkkan, and Chen to find Baine Bloodhoof when he was kidnapped, asked after Stormstout Brew, and was pleasantly surprised to find the inn had it. Etiainen, for her part, was uncomfortable in the tavern but unwilling to part from Thorren.

Zulfi'shi, for her part, ordered "something special" and the bartender brought her a Noggenfogger Ale.  As she drank it, she slowly transformed to appear as a skeleton.  Which was not for the best, as Urist saw her and had a flashback to the Scourge invasion. Brim managed to calm him, though, by pointing out the Troll's transformation was cause by the brew and temporary.  A little redirection towards the idea of fresh brewing some Lightbrew didn't hurt, either.

With Urist calm again, Yshara and Brim tried to sit and make friends Thorren and Etiainen, but the Tauren's preference for Stormstout Brew over Lightbrew and the Troll's preference for "not people" prevented much success on that front.  Offended, Brim enlisted Urist to make a fresh batch of Lightbrew. They set to furious work, but it took them so long that everyone else had headed back to the inn before they coukd try the batch.