Demigods in a showdown!

Scion was heading into a hiatus, but there was still the issue of a mad swordsmith to deal with first.

The Hestia reconvened and asked to be shown to Masamune.  Instead we were delivered to a man named Shiro Yatsamura and asked to turn over oir weapons.  Though concerned about it, the team agreed, with Leander turning over his spear despite it being transformed into a belt buckle.  Yatsamura, though, was definitely armed with chained kama attached to his belt.

He suggested to the Hestia that it was wise we had decided to turn ourselves in, but Brock and Jessica quickly corrected him.  William and Leander laid out what they'd known of Muramasa's plans, including the ingredients he'd had the Hestia gather.  Yatsamura was immediately and obviously concerned, which prompted Leander to offer to draw the plans he'd seen and memorized while in Muramasa's workshop.

Leander drew up the plans and quickly the military commander and the Hestia reached an agreement to assault Muramasa's workshop and its Titan-sympathetic inhabitants.  Masamune arrived and beganto look over the plans, preparing countermeasures.  That done, the Hestia led the military forces to the workshop.

Rivkah quickly retrieved Nick, but not his gremlins, using a few quick excuses to get the Scion of Hermes out.  The Hestia quickly formed into three teams.  Rivkah, Jessica, and Brock would provide the frontal assault.  Lha-mo would attack from above, hoping to smash her way to the plans and artifacts.  Leander, Nick, and William, with their ability to bypass walls and doors would stealthily approach from the rear, avoiding the probable bulk of the fighting in their approach to the artifacts they'd gathered.

The assault began and the military forces quickly drew out Muramasa's Titan-sworn.  Rivkah's team travelled just ahead of them, smashing through the gates and straight in the front door of the workshop as the forces inside streamed out to meet the attack.  Lha-mo flew high above the building and dropped, growing in size as she descended, until she crashed mightily through the roof and into the central chambers of the workshop.  Leander's team had even fewer obstacles, approaching unseen and blinking through the walls and doors in their path.

From there it seemed to be a fairly straightforward snatch and dash.  The team gathered what they'd given Muramasa, meddled with his charts and diagrams and moved to leave.  Rivkah went up through the hole Lha-mo had made.  Leander used his ability to step through walls to pull Nick and Jessica out.  Brock, Lha-mo, and William began a climb outwards.  William was last and almost clear when Muramasa crashed into the scene in his giant mecha suit.

Unfortunately for him, the rest of the team hadn't gotten very far, meaning Nick's gremlin sidekicks hadn't gone far. At a word from Nick, the descended upon the suit, quickly disabling it.  The Demigods retreated as the military forces washed over the workshop.

In the quiet moment they had, the Demigods decided to hide the items they'd gathered in the pouch (with ship!) at Leander's belt.  That achieved, the returned to Masamune 's workshop to retrieve the armor the master smith had forged them.  Fully equipped, it was time to go after the God of the Last Whisper, the nascent Titan of radiation.

The Demigods took flight on Tak Me, scouting until they'd found a large square with an immense thrown filled with throngs of worshipful radiation ghosts.  There sat the new Titan.  The Hestia landed on a nearby skyscraper to talk over their plan.

In the end, the simple plan seemed best.  Brock and Nick would fire down into the crowd, thinning them while the rest of the team headed for the God of the Last Breath.  Leander would direct traffic as Rivkah and Lha-mo hit him with everything they had.  Jessica, William, and Tak Me would pitch in wherever they could.

They sprang into action.  Brock's first shot was a well-chosen one, wiping out a third of the Titanling's forces in an instant.  Rivkah dove off the building, carrying Leander.  She flew at high speed , dropping her compatriot into a crowd where he impaled on of the radiation ghost as she smashed through the huge stone throne.

Lha-mo landed just after them, having grown to immense size.  Her icy claws tore into the God of the Last Breath.  Nick took his shot, scoring a hit, and Tak Me let Jessica aboard and flew down.

The timing was just right as the young Titan launched an assault back into the sky scraper, bringing it tumbling down.  Nick leapt off, much to everyone's dismay as he seemed to have no plan of descent.  Meanwhile Brock jumped to another building, ready to resume his firing.

Rivkah used the God of the Last Breath's diverted focus to grab him and smash her knee into his tailbone.  Jessica followed that up, using her apples to distract him as William lashed out with his scarf (though missing) and Lha-mo sunk icicle claws into his face.  Meanwhile, Tak Me caught the plummeting Nick as if they'd had it planned.

Sensing his opening, Leander called forth thunder to echo his voice, his orders rumbling through the caverns of the underworld.  The team quickly capitalized.  Lha-mo sent crossing walls of ice slashing towards the Titanling.  Leander darted in, slashing at one knee as William closed and wrapped the young Titan's arm in his scarf.  The Hod of the last Breath struggled to be free, but it was too late.

Rivkah, taking those openings and the distraction probided by Jessica, to smash down the Titan's knee.  He dropped to a knee and Rivkah smashed a lightning wrapped fist into his head.  The Titanling was down for the count and the demigods dropped the nearby environs on him, seemingly ending his threat.

Next the Hestia would need to pay their debt to Agwe...