WoWFate: I Am Murloc

The various individuals assigned to a mysterious mission for the nascent League of Kalimdor boarded a ship headed south.  Yshara the Nightelf Druid was first, in Darnassus.  Thorren, Tauren Shaman, and Etainen, his Troll apprentice, boarded in Orgrimmar.  Brim and Eurist Lightbrew, Dwarven brothers, joined them in Theramore.  They were making good time before being run aground on a small island.

As the crew of the ship made repairs a varitable army of Murlocs advanced on them and the heroic passengers set to the defense.  Thorren, ever vigilant, struck first, but the Murlocs dodged away from his blast of lightning.

Etainen reacted quickly, though, placing an earthbind totem down to slow one of the Murloc packs and followed that by drawing the moisture from their skin, weakening them.

Transformed into a savage bear, Yshara took a surprising tactic, dancing to stupify one of the Murloc packs closing on her.  Brim capitalized by shooting one of the Murlocs in its spear-toting hand, but the blast was so powerful that it incapacitated the amphibious threat.  His pet bear, Parker, waded into the fray chomping on Murlocs left and right.  Eurist placed shields on the other heroes, helping them withstand attacks.

For a moment, it looked like the Murlocs might overwhelm the boat.  Thorren took two massive cuts and Brim was beaten.  Etainen and Eurost worked to heal them as Yshara slammed into several other Murlocs.  Thorren used his immense Tauren size to stomp on the ground, stunning a number of Myrlics who Etainen finished off by dessication.  Eurist layed another shield on his brother and Brim and Parker finished off another pack of Murlocs.

The Murlocs turned and ran as a Sea Giant rose from the nearby ocean.  Unfortunately for the giant, the heroes had finally hit their stride.  Brim put several rounds into him, followed by a lightning bolt from Thorren and the coup de grace consisting of an icy spear through the neck by Etainen.  The giant fell and the journey to the rondevous could continue.