Scions in the Dragons Den!

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In his rage at Reggie having "turned traitor" by coming to his senses and talking to his half-sister and the band, Fafnir dove at Reggie.  As he did, his body contorted, transforming into an enormous sabertooth tiger.  Reggie tried to pin him down, but Fafnir transformed into a hawk, soaring upwards and then further transformed into a large ape which began plummeting back towards the team.

Brock, acting with divine swiftness, put a shot into the Fafnir-ape, but it was apparently unharmed and smashed down into the ledge on which Rivkah and Reggie were perched.  Rivkah shoved her half-brother out of the way and the obsidian platform splintered under Fafnir's impact.

Quickly, Leander directed his team in their assault, but Fafnir was ready for that, summoning up damned souls to harry the Scion of Athena, as well as Nick.  The spirits attacking Leander coordinated their own attack, closing in on Leander, but he leapt up, doing a flip and landing on the wall, sticking there in a trick his divine essence had picked up from spider-bitch upon his apotheosis.

Below, enraged by the assault on his new companions and the torment he'd suffered at the hands of the Titans, Reggie spasmed, his body ripping and changing until he was a hulking beast of rage.  His focus, his white hot fury, fell on Fafnir.  Fafnir shrugged off the first assault, and transformed into an immense scorpion, threatening Reggie with a wicked stinger.

Brock, having watched Leander's new trick, did his own leaping flip and at it's apex shot Fafnir with pure sunlight.  Which is when the team discovered something about the dark elf-dragon-shapeshifter: he has an intense weakness to sunlight!

Leander followed up on Brock's assault, ignoring the spirits and darting along the wall to attack Fafnir.  With an electrified spear, he stabbed into the scorpion-dragon and in a moment of divine provenance, staggered the beast.  Lha-mo crashed in behind him, stabbing Fafnir with icy claws and further rocking the servant of the Titans.  Fafnir transformed again, seeking to rise above the swarming Demigods, but the new Roc-form of Fafnir was latched onto by William, who dragged at it, giving Rivkah an opening to smash her hand through the lava and into Fafnir's face.

Once more the spirits sought to put an assault onto Leander, but he evaded them by jumping onto the back of the plummeting Roc-Fafnir.  As he descended on the grappled beast, he saluted the ghosts with his spear, spurring their howls of fury.  The added weight pushed Fafnir down faster, allowing Raging Reggie to leap up and smash into Fafnir.  Leander hurtled out of the way and William rode out the blow.

For his part, Brock took aim again and with a quick "I'm going to pluck your feathers" but another blast of sunlight into the dark elf lord.  A moment later, Leander called out new orders, including a distraction for the spirits chasing him.  Rivkah obliged the attack by smashing Fafnir into the nearest wall.  Lha-mo followed by sinking her claws into his guts and causing ice to erupt from inside him.  Finally overwhelmed, Fafnir collapses.  From his corpse drop several items, including a ring.

Rivkah, drawn by the ring went to scoop it up, but Leander's warning cry stopped her in her tracks.  And then everyone remembered the other problem.  Still in the grips of Riastradh, Reggie had new targets to smash.  He advanced on the Demigods, who scattered.

William, though, had a good plan and smashed Pele's prison, which had fallen from Fafnir.  Fully powered and aware again, Pele stopped Reggie in his tracks and thanked the band for their efforts.  As she spoke with the team, and mentioned the dangers of the ring, she and everyone else realized that the ring had vanished... And so had Nick!

It would have to be a problem for another time, though, as no one had a way to track him that seemed effective.  Instead, Pele invited the new Demigods to a party in the Atua godrealm.  Along the way, the band divvied up the loot they'd gained from Fafnir.  Leander took a lock of white hair that allowed him to see through illusions and braided it around the rims of the glasses he'd obtained earlier.

At the luau, the band were granted mana beads which made them honorary members of the Atua pantheon.  The feasting, dancing, and general partying went on for several days, with a few members of the band making intimate friends with godlings of the Atua.  But all things must end in time, and when the band returned to the mortal realm, they were met by a messenger from Agwe, who asked them to retrieve his daughter from the underworld.  Which was interrupted by Kane charging Brock to go and kill a nascent-Titan of radioactivity that was forming in the Titanrealms which mirrored Japan.  There was no more time to waste...