Scions in a Brawl

Other posts on Scion and Leander.  Last recap. (This has been a little while coming. Work's been crazy and I've got another project, so apologies on the recent silence.)

Crashing down through the caldera, Reggie landed, locking eyes with Rivkah and trying to glare her into submission.  After a moment, he pounded down on the obsidian platform he was on, sending a huge chunk at the party.

Fortunately, it was mostly a distraction and failed to phase the band in the least.  They mostly rolled around it, resuming their ready positions.  Reggie, undaunted, charge at Rivkah, who readied herself for the attack but was slammed backwards.

High above, something about the nexk of the arachnae spawn glittered.  It appeared to be a golden torc, of a norse style, which probably protected her from the flames.

Brock was the first to join the fight for the band and took a shot at Reggie, who shrugged it off easily.  From there things began to happen with intense suddenness.

The spider-bitch tried to web Leander's protective amulet, but he brought the Shield of El Cid to bear and thwarted her. She dropped the web before he could try to use it against her.  
Lha-mo roared and pounded into the golem, dealing it a vicious blow that tore it in two, but it called upon it's Titanic blood to stitch itself back together.

William and Leander, defending Pele, readied themselves for combat, exerting their divine ichor to ready their minds and bodies.  Meanwhile, Reggie grappeled with Rivkah, who chose to try and talk him down rather than fight him.  For a moment, he seemed to hear her, but continued in his assault.  Brock, not far away, prepared to shoot spider-bitch.

The golem leaped toward Lha-mo, smashing into the yeti and pushing her back, but not dealing solid damage.  The spider-chick did her own leap, arcing down at Leander as Brock shot the fire-protection torc from her neck.  She caught it and slammed down into what she thought would be Leander, but Brock had used his divine reflexes and speed to shove his teammate out of the way and they smashed through their platform and into the lava below.

Leander, though worried for Brock, forced his focus onto the golem and directed Lha-mo, Tak-me, and William to hit it together.  Lha-mo closed in, driving icy claws deep into the golem's head and search for the relic which protected it from the fire.  The yak pinned the golem down so it couldn't escape the attack.  Leander lept overtop of them and put his spear into the golem, but not pushing it away or dealing severe damage.  William, though, was the big winner.  He tore a leg from the golem, and the  golem's relic tumbled free.  In an instant it hardened and died from the intense heat of the volcano.

Elsewhere, Brock did his own tearing, ripping the torc from the hands of spider-bitch and shoving her further into the lava.  She died flailing.  Rivkah, for her part, continued desperately trying to calm Reggie and break him from his brainwashing.  He slowed, talking to the band and revealing that he didn't have Pele's spirit, but "my master does."

Before the group could ask who that was, a powerful dark elf appeared, with long silver hair and a disdainful gaze.  He seems ready to move in on Reggie and the band, but another figure appears.  It's quickly revealed that it is Hestia, come to slow the onslaught of Muspelheim.  As Fafnir pushes past her, she stabs a dagger deep into herself, dying to empower the band.  As Fafnir looks on, their power is pushed to new heights and they ascend to Demigodhood!

And then it's dragon time...