Malena Character Sheet

While Malena isn't likely to be played at the table beyond brief stints as an NPC, the fact that my fiction has likely made her GM plot hook fodder means I'd like her to have stats, so I'm taking a chance to do that and give a bit of a bio for her.

Full Name: Malena Haumea
Aliases: -
Calling: Defender of Children
Nature: Gallant
Pantheon: Atua
Divine Parent: Hina
Strength••••(x)(x) Charisma •••(x)  Perception•••(x)(x)
Dexterity••••(x)(x)(x) Manipulation ••  Intelligence•••
Stamina•••••(x)(x)(x) Appearance ••••(x)  Wits•••••(x)

Academics ••
Animal Ken ••

Art (Dance) ••
Athletics •••

Awareness •••
Brawl ••••

Control (Car) 

Empathy ••
Fortitude ••
Integrity •••

Medicine ••
Melee ••••
Occult ••
Politics ••
Presence •••
Stealth ••

Survival ••

  • English
  • Hawaiian
Ukupanipo's Bite ••• - Paired koa wood beaded bracelets with a shark tooth inlaid on the largest bead.  They transform into Ku'eku'e Lei-o-mano, a sort of round knife which fits over the knuckles of each hand.  These provide access to the War, Water and Guardian purviews and enhance Malena's speed in combat and deal extra damage.

Na`au holokū ••• - This garment, assumed to originally be a holokū style dress given its name, can change  its form to become any normal style of clothing.  However, there is a catch.  Somewhere on these clothes must be a representation of the moon and eels.  Malena frequently makes these prominent, but has been known to wear a long black dress with eels gripping the moon as the clasp at her neck.  This dress provides the stats of heavy clothing and access to the Moon, Animal (Eel), Illusion, and Prophecy perviews. 

Anuenue puka • - An anklet of puka shells providing access to the Fertility and Health perviews, each shell in the anklet appears white on first glance, but each shimmers faintly with a different color of the rainbow.

Hōkū Honu Isle ••• - This Terra Icognita was gifted to Malena by her mother upon Malena's ascension to demigodhood. It sits on the site of the Detroit Seamount and comprises the area that island comprised before it collapsed and sank into the sea.  Malena has a large compound just inland from the eastern shore of the island.  The compound never existed on the island when it was above the waves, but is built in the style of a 1940's military base and hospital.  Sea turtles frequently arrive on this beach to lay eggs.  Unbeknownst to Malena, the volcano on the eastern half of the island has a fallen star at its core.  The island is inhabited.

Honukane •
• - When sea turtle eggs on Hōkū honu hatch, they generally birth mundane sea turtles, but on the night of the full moon, they birth ethnically Hawaiian humans with green hair.  These individuals stay on the island to tend to its vegetation and protect the volcano.  While most operate independently, a group of them have adopted Malena as their leader and serve to maintain and protect her compound on the island.

  • Ku'eku'e Lei-o-mano - as hadseax ACC:1 DMG: 2L DEF: 0 Speed: 4
Know Tapu
Warrior's Mana
Animal Communication
Animal Command
The Subtle Knife

Assess Health
Blessing of health?
Water Breathing
Water Control
Changing States

Warrior Ideal
Green Thumb
Toxic Thorn
Hero's Mana

Declare Minor Tapu
Unseen Shield
Silver Blessing
Mana •

Health ••
Water ••
Water •••

War •••
Fertility ••

Health •••
Moon ••

Willpower •••••••


  • Holy Rampage (Str)
  • Untouchable Opponent (Dex)
  • Body Armor (Stam)
  • Benefit of the Doubt (Cha)
  • Subliminal Warning (Per)
  • Armor Crusher (Str) (bonus points)
  • Perfect Partner (Dex)
  • Holy Fortitude (Stam)
  • Omnidexterity (Dex)
  • Under Pressure (Stam)
  • Social Chameleon (Wits)
  • Environmental Awareness (Per)
  • Knockback Attack (Str)
  • My Eyes Are Up Here (App)
  • Spatial Attunement (Per) (bonus points)
  • Widespread Appeal (Cha) (bonus points)
  • DV: 20
  • Join Battle: 8
9 Bashing
7 Lethal 3 Aggravated 
3B1 L
Legend •••••
Legend Points: 25/25
  • Total: 80
  • Spent: 77
  • Remaining: 3
Malena was born in the town of Kaunakakai, Molokai, Hawaii.  Her father, Ano, was among the last workers at the Kalaupapa colony working with sufferers of Hansen's Disease.  As a young man, he taught the children of the colony, and his own parents were doctors serving the colony.  So perhaps it was no major surprise that the goddess Hina was drawn to Malena's father.

She left not long after her daughter's birth, but a few days later a young woman called Nalani arrived at Ano's home.  She claimed to be Malena's half-sister, born a number of years earlier than the child and sent by Hina to care for the girl.  Despite his initial resistance, Ano consented and treated the girl like a daughter.  Nalani told Malena stories every night, recounting the history of the Atua and telling the child her mother was the goddess Hina and that she was chosen.

This gave Malena a rather driven personality, with the young girl never afraid to speak her mind and pushing boundaries.  She was a bit of a tomboy at times, but still managed to have many of the local boys wrapped around her finger.  None of them stood much of a chance, though.  Malena knew none of them was her equal.

At 15, Malena was Visited by her mother and tasked to do as Nalani had done for her.  She went to live with a man named Palani and his newborn child, Grace.  Nalani, feeling unprepared to move on, stayed to care for her adoptive father.  Malena cared for her sister as she had been cared for, teaching her to dance and to tell the old stories.  And on some nights when Grace was cared for by his father, a mysterious girl would be seen on the streets, saving children from those who would prey on them.  As she grew, Malena took on bigger and badder targets, breaking up child labor and catching predatory adults.  And 15 years later, Hina Visited once more.

Grace went to care for the next sister, continuing the cycle.  Ready to at last enter the next phase of her life, Malena threw herself into the war with the Titans. Wherever children were threatened with slavery, injury or death at the hands of Titanspawn, an avenging angel descended.  In whispers, they told their families of their fierce savior, like a Polynesian warrior woman of old.  And so Malena's legend grew.  She dated other Scions, finding them closer to her peers, but she never felt they quite measured up.  She ascended to demigodhood after defeating a descendant of Kaupe who had attempted to set up a barony in the forests of Molokai.