Scions Under the Sea!

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It was mere moments, before the standoff between the nemean Pistol Shrimp and the Scions ended and the shrimp attacked.  Their first volley was mostly ineffective, but Leander couldn't get away and was seriously wounded by the blast of superheated water and sonic waves.  The Scions scattered, and Leander cried out instructions to his teammates who closed to melee range with the shrimp, trying to negate or mitigate the deadly sonic claw attacks of the shrimp.

William ducked into a building, to prepare and after a moment, Leander followed suit.  The others put punches and shots into the shrimp, but did only superficial damage.  Leander ordered another coordinated assault on the nemean beast who'd shot him.  William emerged and joined the assault, wrapping his scarf around one of the shrimp's arms and giving the team it's first winning tactic: using the shrimp's mighty attacks on one another.

Leander returned to the fight, but the light of his spear's eletrical charge gave away his attempt to sneak back into range and the shrimp re-focused on him.  Meanwhile, one of the shrimp was downed by Lha-mo and William and they ripped the claw arm off of it.

On the other edge of the fight, Brock mounted and rode another of the shrimp.  William turned the claw on an incoming shrimp and blew it's head off, while Leander closed and shoved his lightning augmented spear into the mouth of an angry shrimp, electrifying it, but not downing it.  The torn-off claw had been hard to work so far, but William bit the bullet and shoved his hand up inside it, experimenting to see if he could use it more effectively.  The shrimp fell quickly after that and the Scions set out again towards the center of the Atlantean city.

As they approached the area, they were able to make at that the circle in the middle of the city was a pit bridged by a collapsed keep.  Within, William could sense a mighty aura of death and chaos, giving him paush.  Worse, when Lha-mo tried to make out what William could feel, she was struck by it and passed out.  She was tormented by terrible nightmares, which seemed to be hinting that one of the Titans was closely linked to this place.  Worse, the group was sure that Kane Taoka was down there.

William pushed forward first, and after waking Lha-mo, the rest of the team tentatively pushed forward, as well.  They came upon a large pit, with a glimmering hint of light further down in it.  As a result, the team passed into the dark passage and were drawn into differing experiences.

In her dreams Rivkah ate her cousin Ben, when forced to choose between him and her mother.  She found that he was delicious.  In his dreams, the cycle of ages bore down on William and he chose to let this age end so that the cycle could continue.  Brock was faced with the choice of shooting his daughter or forcing her to shoot him, but he decided not to play that game.  He waited for her to choose, sitting frozen in the dark despair that pushed at the Scions.  Nick was offered the choice of being rich, alone and divine, or poor, loved, and mortal.  He chose to be the lonely rich Scion.  Lha-mo was tormented by visions of accepting her Titan nature.  Alone among them, Leander was unaffected.  He pushed further into the pit.

The others slowly awakened from their torment and joined him.  There, they found Kane standing over the avatar of the goddess Pele, clearly readying to strike her down.  The Scions charged into action.  Rivkah dove between Kane and Pele, hoping her stony body could defend her.  Kane, confronted with the party demanding he step down, began to try and talk to the party into allowing him to kill Pele.  It was the only sure way, he argued, to be sure the servants of Muspelheim would fail.  Leander and Brock quickly reiterated their intent to hold to their oaths and protect Pele.

Nick and William considered Kane's points, but mostly, they remained unconvinced.  Sensing an impasse, Brock offered up a favor to Kane.  After some haggling, during which time the party noticed Pele sinking and quickly moved to hold her in place, Brock gained the concession that the favor would not harm the Band nor occcur until a month had passed.  In response, Kane summoned a shinobi lawyer, who bore a contract which was quickly edited to match the deal.

William determined that Kane was stalling and the party readied themselves to attack.  Brock signed, though and Kane held to his word, allowing the Band to push Pele safely from the Well of Tartarus.  They swam with her to the place where they'd killed the Kraken and prayed to Agwe.  There, a damaged Nazi U-boat arrived and the zombified crew announced that it would take them to Agwe.  They were true to their wood and the team was delivered to where they'd entered the ocean.

After some discussion, Agwe healed the party and suggested that they needed to take Pele's avatar back to Hawaii, which the Band decided they needed to do much as it worried them.  They gathered themselves and set out.