Terminus 8.4.13

Having ended the threat of Karus, the No Pants Brigade mounted up and flew to the mountains seperating the forest to the desert.  As we were flying, Adah-kah spotted something that he noticed just coming into view here and there. After the group slowed slighty, he was able to make out that a dragon was following us.

We got further on and slowed enough for Adah-kah to make out the the trailing was grey.  The group decided that the dragon was quite huge and would likely attempt to attack and consume us, so pushed on, at least hoping to pick the ground for the fight. We stopped on a large plateau.

The dragon slowed as ge neared the plateau, circling instead of landing for a fight.  The party spun to see what the dragon was avoinding and were faced with a large force of air elementals including a rather aggressive Djinn.

While the air elementals generally got the drop on the party and dropped devestating early blows, the No Pants Brigade returned fire admirably.  Adah-kah oathed and then abjured a tornado-formed elemental, grievously wounding it. 

Sardis and Adah-kah were pushed in one direction, Sabriel and Meggido in another, and Vallo in a third.  This allowed the elementals to heavily damage the party.  Sardis and Sabriel were in dire straits, but the elementals were falling. Adah-kah finished his foe, the attacked the Djinn, hitting it hard but not as hard as the tornadomental.  It fell before the rest of the group's assault.

Sardis fell as the party picked off the various elementals.  Adah-kah pushed one of the tornados off of Sardis and tge elementals went into retreat, with Vallo picking off the tornadomental as it ran.  The dragon chose this moment to move in.

It chased down one of the smaller elementals and devoured it.  He returned to land before the No Pants Brigade and threaten us with being eaten.  This immediately put Meggido on the defensive.  Sabriel was able to talk him around until he mentioned Karus and she could confirm we'd killed him.

The dragon demanded details.  Sabriel described the major events of the fight.  Sardis filled in the divine providence of tge Watcher's aid.  Vallo was able describe the effects of various attacks and strategies.  Meggido refused to be a jester for a dragon, but Adah-kah pitched in by describing the dome in which the fight with Karus happened.

Sabriel then took the chance to make Meggido sound intimidating, which the dragon responded made him like Meggido.  Sardis fed the dragon eel because it had said it was hungry.  All that added up to the dragon being pacificed and the laughing about Karus' downfall.  He then told us his name was Kashmard and gave us routes which might best help us avoid elementsl interference and departed to hunt the forest.

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