NPCs for Leander

These are directly copied from an email by me to my GM, but I think having a second place with them recorded would be a positive and I don't believe there's any information here that needs to be hidden.

Elene (El-en-ee) Kefalonia: Daughter of the Muse Clio, Elene has been one of Leander’s main contacts on Olympus as he trained there.  Elene was born part of a quintuple birth, in which donated eggs from seven unknown donors were used to make fertile a woman who.  Each of the five identical girls was linked to one of the Muses, who were individually too weak in Legend to grant the divine essence that would bring their children to Godhood.  Clio and her sister Urania made a bargain.  Urania renounced her child of the five, instead transferring her divine essence to the child’s sister, who already carried the essence of Clio.  Elene grew, a child equally interested in words and the stars.  While she went to school and graduated with a degree in library science, she made her career in astrology.  Clio visited her daughter five years ago, revealing her parentage to the woman who was embroiled in searching for the donor of the egg which became her.

Elene leapt into the fight against the Titans.  She was, foremost, a researcher, combing lost libraries and rare texts for insight into the enemies of the gods.  Still, when she could step in and apply her knowledge, she was willing to lend a hand.  Elene wrote her adventures into a series of ebooks released over Amazon.  As the stories spread, so did Elene’s legend.  She reached the ranks of Demigodhood and began combing the great libraries upon Olympus.  When Leander was brought to the realm of the Dodekatheon, she was assigned as his liaison, teaching him about the enemies the young general was destined to fight.  While Elene cannot be spared from her demigodly tasks to help Leander frequently, she feels a kinship with Leander, much like a close cousin or distantly aged sister.  She will still send Leander advice or aid on occasion and the two keep in semi-frequent contact.

Ashon Chane: Swahili warlord who owes Leander a favor.  He controls a massive fortress outside of the Ugandan city of Katakwi.  Leander saved him from a rival warlord’s ambush and he pledged a life debt in return.  Leander doesn’t particularly like him, but will gladly use him if it comes down to it.

Diego Juarez: A drug kingpin in Mexcio.  He planned to stage a coup of the Mexican government, but Leander was hired to put it down with extreme prejudice.  Juarez managed to escape and vowed to hunt the mercenary down.  While Juarez himself is not supernatural, he has not hid his desire to harm Leander, and Titanspawn forces have begun to lurk around the edges of his operation.