Kicking Dice

Sorry for the week of silence.  Work got crazy and I barely even had time to sleep last week.  But back to it with something short now!

As has been going on lately, I jumped on board another Kickstarter in the last week.  This time it was for Artisan Dice's metal polyhedrals.  At the moment, I'm just planning on getting a single D20 (though if I was given the option of getting fate dice, I'd be all over it).  While this Kickstarter isn't blowing stretch goals out of the water quite like some of the others, it's still rolling along well and got to it's first couple unlocked stretch goals in a timely fashion.

So far the one I'm most excited about is the Dragon's Breath option, which will make the steel D20 that I'm ordering have a blue-purple sheen.  There's still plenty of time left on this Kickstarter, too, so hopefully some more cool options will crop up.