War of Ashes Playtest

While I'm getting the newest WoWFate post set, I think it'd be good to mention that my group got into Evil Hat/Zombiesmith's War of Ashes playtest and we'll be running that the next couple weeks.

The setting is what the makers have been describing as "grimsical," which is a portmanteau of grim and whimsical.  I've been describing it as muppet vikings.  I'll run the playtest this week, and pur usual GM will follow up next week.

My plan, when I play, is to be Urp, priest of the god of moss.  Urp will use moss in all his divinations (and let it grow in his fur), while trying really, really hard to not actually be noticed by the gods.  I'm really looking forward to both weeks.  Expect follow up posts for that in the near future.