Demigods in the Yakuza!

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At the end of the last session, the Void had retreated into the darkness to try and regroup from the onslaught of the Hestia.  His respite didn't last long, though, as Tak Me but him and dragged him back out of the shadows.

Rivkah, William and Lha Mo quickly capitalized on the opening and struck out at the servant of Mikaboshi.  Jessica mocked him mercilously.  Leander calculated his next likely attack, but the Void staggered his strike to try and avoid it.

That threw off the coordinated assault, but Brock was undaunted and still managed to put a bolt of sunlight into his foe.  Lha Mo took the moment to heal Jessica, who had been wounded in the last exchange.  The Void, and his minions, traded attacks with the Hestoa while Jessica took a moment to heal Leander.  Leander managed to guess the Void's plot and directed a new assault.

While waiting for the Void to reappear, the Demigods cleared up a few of the villain's minions as Leander and Tak Me prepared their defenses.  Lha Mo took the oppprtunity to further heal Leander.

The Void emerged as a giant hand, but the band was ready for him and launched their own attack.  Tak me bit him again, pinning him down as Lha Mo put a powerful punch into the Void's body.  Rivkah added a leaping punch as William lashed out with Foecutter.  Jessica twisted fate and used her apples to distract the Void's minions.

The team got another set of blows in against the Void who vanished for an extremely long time.  When he returned, he forced Lha Mo to protect him.  She was compelled to do so, but the Void quickly formed a whirlpool of shadow, disappearing back into the body of Mikaboshi.  As he did, he told the Hestia that he had been ordered to leave behind a skull as evidence of his defeat.  The Demigods took it reluctantly and mae sure to search the rest of the cave before heading back to the Market.

There they were quickly rounded up by the Yakuza and taken back to the tower headquarters.  The team hurried to discuss their plans of what to tell the ancient ghost they'd met before, revealing more of their secrets to Jessica in the process.  They settled on trying not to lie while not revealing their connection to the demands of Kane Taoka.

The talk began that way, but the ancient ghost used his ability to talk to objects to interrogate the skull, who confirmed that the band had defeated the Void.  It winked over the shoulder of the Yakuza leader at the Hestia, who quickly decided to tell the ancient ghost of the skull's treachery, despite the potential risk to the band.  In the end, the ancient ghost decided to award the Hestia the Ghost of Little Boy as per their bargain.  The Demigods disguised it as garbage and took it back to Muramasa, along with the Flame of Kagatsuki.  Muramasa was very pleased, saying that with what the Hestia had returned with he could make his weapon "even more destructive."

With his knowledge of Muramasa, this set off alarm bells in Leander's head.  He shared that worry with his fellow Demigods and they made hushed and hurried plans to find Masamune, who was renowned for blades which would only cut what must be cut, to try and make an alternative weapon.  Nick was asked to remain behind with his gremlins to distract and slow Muramasa's progress...